Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Upcoming Events:


10/7-Rudy’s Dog Park/Dr. Carla Carlton

10/14-WPD Citizens Police Academy

10/21-Kosciusko Cares/Tammy Cotton

10/28-Oregon Trails Experience/Randy Polston


11/4-Vetrans Day Songs

11/15-YMCA/Chad Zaucha

11/18-WCS High School Orchestra/Carolyn Stalcup

11/25-Boy Scouts Bake Sale



12/9-WACC/Ronna Kawsky

12/16-Parkview/Scott Gabriel

12/23-Christmas carols

12/30-White Elephant Auction


President Rick Kerlin led our meeting.

85 Optimists & guests:

  • Mark Terrell-guest of John Elliot.
  • Jim Smith-guest of Sam Whitaker/Tony Ciriello.
  • Jo Faulkner-guest of Josh Gordon.

Door Greeters:  Frank Gross.

Prayer:  Douglas Ogle.

Pledge was given to the American flag.  

Promise yourself was said in unison.

Hail to Optimism was sung in unison. 

Birthday Honorees:  Happy Birthday to Noel Hoke, Mitch Goon, Greg Kralis and Dave Turner!

Check Presentation: 

George Brennan presented a check to CASA in the amount of $500 from the club. 

Committee Reports:

  • Gina Voelz-Art In The Park was a success and thanked everyone for their efforts!
  • Art Gakstatter announced the date for Spooktacular will be Friday, October 23rd from 5-7pm. 


Mike Cox conducted:

  • 1st Reading:
    • Jim Smith-sponsored by Sam Whitaker/Tony Ciriello.
    • Jo Faulkner-sponsored by Josh Gordon.
    • Mark Terrell-sponsored by John Elliot.
  • 2nd Reading:
    • Jill Boggs-sponsored by John Elliot.

CEO Report: 

Jennifer Pyle announced-Merl Heckaman.

Member since-Two times.


Anniversary-June 6, 1958.

Children-(5) Jay, Brian, Kay, Eric and Tim.


Pets-Dog named Birkley.

City of residence-Warsaw for 49 years

Occupation-Bobcat sales and mower.

Hobbies-Hunting, grandchildren and sports. 

Burning Desire-To pass out scripture in China.

Key to Success-Marry the bosses daughter.

Honors-22 gallons of blood donated, County Hall of Fame Official.

Something nobody know-He had polio when he was 7 years old.

Favorite Optimist Memory-Mike Foreman dressed like an angel or fairy in tights and fined members. Thank you Merl!  We appreciate your enthusiasm and ALL you do for the club!


  • Indiana Bicentennial will be next year. They are looking for torch bearers to carry the torch.  The person nominated should show public service, achievement, acts of heroism, and volunteer service within the community.  Please let Rick Kerlin know if you have a nomination for this role.  It would be great to have a Warsaw Breakfast Optimist involved for this!
  • 10th District Meeting in Kokomo, IN. See Michele Bickel if you are interested in attending.
  • Ron Chambers was recognized for being in the club for 50 years! What an accomplishment Ron!
  • Perfect Attendance for 2014-2015 Year:
    • 50 years-Ron Chambers
    • 43 years-David Haines
    • 41 years-Charles Hollar, John Elliot
    • 37 years-Larry Tucker, Juergen Voss
    • 35 years-Dave Turner
    • 34 years-Don Kenipe
    • 33 years-Don Reinholt, Jerry Titus
    • 29 years-Denny Andrews
    • 27 years-Ron Donkers, George Paton
    • 25 years-Ken Anderson
    • 24 years-Martin Becker
    • 22 years-Fred Nieter
    • 21 years-Art Gakstatter, Steve Hollar
    • 19 years-John Burtoft, Merl Heckaman, Bill Landrigan
    • 18 years-Luke Becknell
    • 16 years-Harry Gigous, Ot Schroeder
    • 15 years-Jim Hayes, Millie Andrews
    • 14 years-George Brennan
    • 13 years-Jennifer Dorman, Kevin Weaver
    • 11 years-Jerry Clevenger, Sam Whitaker
    • 10 years-Angie Tom, Jim Reeve, Pat Donkers, Steve McGlothin, John Teevan
    • 8 years-Trina Hoy, Bob Ibach, Mitch Goon
    • 7 years-Trace Hansen, Gary Tanner, Andy Swihart, Joel Wihebrink, Joe Thallemer
    • 5 years-John Kirkpatrick, Rick Kerlin, John Sullivan, Ann Sweet, Jay Tate
    • 4 years-Roland Kramer, Gina Voelz, Al Grossnickle
    • 2 years-Kellie Altruda, Jeff Owens
    • 1 year-Doug Bumgardner, Tony Ciriello, Frank Gross, Ron Henry, Jennifer Lucht, Allen Lucht, Mickey Smethers, Brooke Hamstra

Sheriff’s Report: None today.

50/50:  Marty Becker was today’s winner!

Videos:  None today. 

Sergeants-at-Arms:  Bob and Steve were all back to entertain us this morning:

  • $1 Fine:
    • Jennifer Lucht for her dyslexic moment reading the 50/50 ticket two weeks in a row.
    • Merl Heckaman for his comment about the Claypool B Team Volleyball game.
  • 5 Questions:
    • Bob Jackson
      • Everyone texted Jeff Owens since he was not at the meeting.
      • What was more stressful, President Rick Kerlin’s demand to be funny or to collect money = To be funny.
      • Jeff, Bob and Steve should be free from fines next year (so they say).
      • Ever watch Dirty Jobs? Are you glad this is over?  = Yes.
  • $Optimistic $1:
    • Larry Bishop told a joke about a man passing gas in a coffee shop.
    • Michele Bickel announced Joe’s Kids 1st Annual Auction Dinner raised over $95,000. That is amazing!
    • Dave Taylor applauded Tim Hamman at Male Fashion for helping him get dressed and look so dapper!
    • Ann Sweet reminded everyone there is still time to sign up to volunteer for Feed My Starving Children.
    • Trace Hansen’s son got engaged over the weekend.
    • Juergen Voss announced Kris Shipley got engaged.
    • Alan Lucht wanted to take time to thank Rick Kerlin for all his leadership and efforts with the club this past year. You did a wonderful job Rick!  Thank you!


Rick Kerlin thanked everyone who had a role in the meetings and sat on the Board for the club this last year.  He recognized everyone and thanked them for a job well done!  The new officers were installed:

  • Trace Hansen
  • Trina Hoy
  • Jennifer Pyle
  • Art Gakstatter
  • Pam Galloway

Rick announced the winners of the following Awards:

  • Pillar of the Community-Tony Ciriello.
  • Optimist of the Year-Jim Hayes.
  • Years of Service as the Triathlon Chair-Ron Donkers.
  • Rookie of the Year-Brooke Hamstra.

Congratulations to all the recipients and thank you for ALL of your time, efforts and continued dedication to the club!

Rick then turned the meeting over to Trace Hansen to conclude.


  • Invite a Guest.
  • Clean up tables.

Next Week’s Program:  Rudy’s Dog Park/Dr. Carla Carlton.

Have a safe and very Optimist Week!