Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Upcoming Events:


10/1 Wed. Football

10/1 Wed. Wagon Wheel / Rachel Mondragon

10/8 Wed. Volleyball

10/8 Wed. / Ron Chambers

10/15 Wed. SCTP / Tom Moore

10/22 Wed. Stonehenge Golf / Trent Barlow, Head Golf Pro

10/29 Wed. Lake City Bank / David Findlay, CEO


11/12 Wed. Girls Swim & Dive

11/12 Wed. Beamon Home

11/19 Wed Boys Swim & Dive

11/19 Wed. WCSH Orchestra

11/26 Sun. Boy Scout Bake Sale



President Everett Nifong led our meeting.

97  Optimists & guests:

  • Brad Voelz-Guest (and husband) of Gina Voelz.
  • Kevin Sandburg-Guest of John Elliot.

Door Greeters: Robert Bishop & Tony Ciriello.

Prayer:  Luke Becknell.

Pledge was given to the American flag.

Promise yourself was said in unison.

Hail to Optimism was sung in unison.

Birthday Honorees:  Gina Voelz (50th), Carol Presley Ousley & Dave Turner.


Kellie Malcolm, membership chair:

  • Gave 1st Reading to:

o   Kevin Sandburg-Sponsored by John Elliot.

Sam Whitaker inducted:

  • Dave Taylor as a new member.  He was sponsored by Kellie Malcolm.  Welcome back to the club Dave!

Committee Reports:

None at this time.


  • Safe Assured event on September 13th was a success.  86 kids were registered.  Thanks to all that helped out!
  • Optimist Luncheon with the Warsaw Noon Optimist last Monday, September 22nd at noon over at Grace Retirement Village went well, 10 members were present.
  • Reminder that this is the last week for the Octagon Club’s Pumpkin Project!
  • Art in the Park will be held on First Friday on October 3rd.
  • EVERYONE please add as a contact in your email.  ALL future correspondences from the club will be generated from this email address!


A $340 Optimist Breakfast Club check was presented by Don Reinholt to Doug Ogle for the Warsaw Tigers Boys Basketball golf outing fundraiser.

Sergeants-at-Arms:  Lyle Enyeart & Luke Becknell entertained us:

  • $1 Charge-

o   Actually $5 charge for every table that guess Lyle’s Mystery Stone incorrectly.

  • Happy $1-

o   John Sullivan for his daughter, Rebecca, who graduated from Ivy Tech and was hired by Ivy Tech as the Student Activities Coordinator. He also promoted an upcoming event Rebecca is involved with for Ivy Tech.

o   Gina Voelz gave $3, 1) Her spouse, Brad for being with her today, 2) Tucker placing 2nd in the Fur Ball event, and 3) Her daughter, Katie, getting MVP in the tournament last weekend.

o   Kellie Malcolm for her recent and extreme engagement.

o   Rick Kerlin for his daughter, Camille, being named the 2015 Riley Champion (which is one of 8 from the state of Indiana).

o   Bill Landrigan for appreciation and thankfulness for the support of the Right To Life event which has helped raise over $98,000.

50/50:  Believe it or not, but Don Kenipe was today’s winner!


Optimist Club Awards and Recognition

Everette was happy to announce this year’s award winners:

  • Optimist of the Year-Alan & Jenny Lucht for all of their efforts in stepping up to chair the car show, the ski events that they helped with and all of their efforts within the club!
  • Rookie of the Year-Michele Bickel for becoming actively involved as a new member as the club’s secretary and for all of her hard work and dedication to the club!
  • Pillar of the Community-Art Gakstatter for all of his actions in helping take leftovers to Our Fathers House every week, for housing the clubs’s trailer, for helping set up and tear down the Santa House, for chairing two car shows, for his efforts with Spooktakular and much, much more.  He is always willing to go above and beyond for our club!

He also recognized members of the club for their efforts as well:

  • Andy Swihart-for his dedication to handling the clubs finances.
  • Jim Hayes-for his efforts with the weekly meetings for videos, power point presentations, new member certificates, name badges and data base management.
  • Akash Jain-for taking on the role of scheduling and managing our programs for weekly meetings.
  • Kellie Malcolm-for her active participation as the Membership Chair and her enthusiasm for our 50/50 drawing.
  • Jeff Owens-for his ability to manage our clubs website and everything he does to help keep the club going strong.
  • Trina Hoy-for her willingness to take photos for the club and to help promote what we are doing in the local media.
  • Don Kenipe-for managing the attendance for the club with weekly sign in sheets, perfect attendance and all he does.
  • Marty Becker-for his efforts in leading the Optimist Singers.
  • Millie Andrews-for her gift of music and playing the piano at our weekly meetings.  As well as her thoughtful heart in sending cards to members of the club in need.
  • Fred Nieter-for his dedication to the club as he always gets to the meetings  early to hang banners and set up the name badges and stays afterwards to take them down as well.

We surely have an amazing group of people in our club!  Great job everyone!!!

Rick Kerlin presented a gift to Everett on behalf of the club as a token of our appreciation for his efforts as President this past year!  Thank you Everett!!!

Rick is looking forward to the year ahead and he said he is going to be looking for all of us to help make our great club even better!!! We know you will do a great job, Rick!!!