Wednesday, September 13, 2017

 Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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September 13, 2017 

Attendance: 96

Invocation: Randy Polston

Greeters: Rob Bishop

Guests:   Paula Deming, Kristopher Williams (Mike Cusack); Tracy Fitzgerald (Jeff Owens), Mike Lauer (Trina Hoy); Sandy Doyle, our incoming Governor (Ron Donkers); Rob Edling brought his granddaughter.

Birthdays:  Chris Wiggins, Rob Edling, Pam Galloway

Membership: (Brooke Hamstra)

3rd reading: Paula Deming, Kristopher Williams

Induction: Tracy Fitzgerald (Jeff Owens) by Max Mock

Program:  Junior Achievement by John Teevan. John was filling in at the last minute and interviewed multiple members who have helped teach Junior Achievement including Brooke Hamstra, Jenny Lucht, Troy Akers, Luke Becknell and Tim Hamann. Junior Achievement emphasizes financial success, entrepreneurship, and economics.

Committee Reports/Announcements: 1) Juergen Voss said a few words about member Henry Church who passed recently 2) President Ciriello read a thank you letter from Congressman Jim Banks, who spoke in front of the group about a month ago. 3) Pam Galloway talked about the membership survey she put together at the request of in-coming President Steve Hollar. If you weren’t in attendance today the surveys will be available at the meeting on September 20.

CEO Report: None

50/50: None

Sergeants-at-arms: Travis McConnell, Jim Smith & Juergen Voss entertained us.

Thank you and have an Optimist week!