Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011

Future Dates
9/10 Safe Assured ID @ Family Safety
9/10 Art in the Park
9/10 “2 Bourbon & Back”
9/12 board meeting
9/20 visit Plymouth Club
9/28 Awards Banquet
9/28 no morning meeting
78 Optimists & 6 guests attended our meeting. Scott Feather was the guest of Cory Rogers; Ken Zortman was the guest of Jim Walmer; Mat Goebel was the guest of Tyler Miller; Lila Shelburne was the guest of Mary Ellen Jordan; Sharon Tusing was the guest of Kathy Kurosky; & Linda Rodriguez was the guest of Craig Nayrocker.
Door Greeters: Bob Ibach & Pete Gano.
Prayer was offered by Fred Nieter.
Pledge was given to the American Flag.
Promise yourself was said in unison.
Birthday Honorees: Joel Wihebrink, Rich Haddad, & Everett Nifong. Dr. David Haines led us in the birth-day song with our usual results.
Membership: Scott Whitaker read Lila Shelburne’s, Scott Feather’s, Ken Zortman’s, & Linda Rodriguez’s applications. Mary Ellen Jordan, Cory Rogers, Jim Walmer, & Craig Nayrocker sponsored Lila, Scott, Ken, & Linda respectively..
Our Club Directory editor, Dr. Jason Rich, asked those who need their picture taken to see Trina Hoy. Those who want to place an advertisement in our di-rectory should see Jason or Jim Hayes.
Tracy Horrell reminded us that Art in the Park will be Sept. 10.
Ron Chambers announced a visit the Plymouth Club Sept. 20 for breakfast. We will leave at 7am.
Orthopediatrics, Lecia Derrossett, & Jay Tate enrolled 84 kids in Safe Assured ID at the St. Jude’s Day.
Pres. Joel Wihebrink announced our next board meeting is at 7pm on Sept 12.
Don Kenipe asked us to turn in our make-up sheets for perfect attendance with OUR NAMES ON THEM.
Jerry Clevenger asked us to get our high school kids to the Sept 9th 7am Octagon meeting at Tiger Cen-tral.
Jay Tate reported Safe Assured ID help is needed on Sept. 10th at the Family Safety Day at Center Lake. The event is from 11am to 4pm.
Pres. Joel Wihebrink announced our Awards Ban-quet will be at Stonehenge at 6pm on Sept 28. There will be no morning meeting.
Luke Becknell invited us to participate in this year’s 2 Bourbon & Back cycling for Cystic Fibrosis on Sept. 10.
Bill Landrigan invited us to the Right To Life Ban-quet on Sept 26. He has tickets.
Sherriff of Attendance, Bill Landrigan, is rightly proud of his results. We have had over 70 here for weeks & he got KT Kishan back from India & Eng-land.
Video Editor: Jim Hayes played videos of a short robber, weightless cats, & a rafting dog. The funni-est one was of a talking dog being taunted by stories of meat that was already consumed by his owner.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
Capt. Jeff Wirick – Army – Afghanistan – Chaplain
Sergeants-at-Arms: Max Mock, Denny Andrews, Jeff Owens & Dr. David Haines entertained us. Dr. Haines told us a stories of wisdom. Max Mock’s kids surprised him & Sue for their 40th anniversary. Kathy Kurosky is celebrating a new grandson.
John Ames won $17 in our 50/50.
Program: John Teevan, introduced us to The We-ber School at Grace. Grace is making college more affordable & accessible by opening commuter campuses in Ft Wayne & Indy. A student can com-mute for 2 years at a $20k per year discount. The student can take 2 classes for 8 weeks at a time. The program is cohort based. After 2 years they have an Associates degree & can continue at the main campus to study their major. &