Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10/30 Wed. Girl Scouts / Leslie Augustyniak

11/1 Fri. Spooktakular

11/3 Sun. Optimist Singers / Millers Merry Manor

11/6 Wed. Optimist Singers Veterans Day

11/13 Wed. Eisenhower Robotics Club

11/18 Mon. Board Meeting

11/20 Wed. Warsaw Community Schools Symphony / Blue Apron dessert

11/27 Wed. Boy Scout Bake Sale

12/4 Wed. Brad Hagg / Warsaw Community High School CTO

12/4 Wed. Warsaw High School Gymnastics / Andi Calhoun

12/11 Wed. Lakeland Youth Chorale

12/11 Wed. Girls Basketball / Michelle Harter

12/18 Wed. Optimist Singers Christmas Carols

12/25 Wed. No Meeting

1/1 Wed. No Meeting







Ben Barkey gave us more information about our Washington STEM Academy.  Stem is science, technology, engineering, and math.  Ben remembered Dr. Jenny 

1/8 Wed. 100 Years of Winona Lake / Terry White

1/8 Wed. Warsaw Community High School Wrestling / Justin Smith

1/15/14 Wed. Walk-n-Wonder Warsaw / Michelle Bormet & Darla

1/15/14 Wed. Warsaw Community High School Girls Swim & Dive / Nate Long

1/22/14 Wed. Warsaw Community Schools Symphony

1/29/14 Wed. Warsaw Community High School Boys Swim & Dive / Nate Long

2/5/14 Wed. Warsaw Community High School Boys Basketball / Doug Ogle

2/12 Wed. KCH

2/19 Wed. Kosciusko County Cancer Care Fund

2/19/14 Wed. Student of the Week

2/26 Wed. Warsaw Police Chief Scott Whitaker

2/26/14 Wed. Student of the Week

3/5/14 Wed. WCHS Poetry Contest Winners

3/5/14 Wed. Student of the Week

3/12/14 Wed. Warsaw Schools Band

3/12/14 Wed. Student of the Week

3/19/14 Wed. Oratorical Contest Winners

3/26/14 Wed. Warsaw Community Schools Chief Academic Officer David Hoffert

4/16 Wed. DARE / Lt Beam

4/30 Wed. Josh Wildman CEO of Wildman Business Group

5/7 Wed. Splash Pad

5/14 Wed. Sheriff Rocky Goshert


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

President Everett Nifong led our meeting.


85 Optimists & 9 guests attended our meeting.  Robert Lee was the guest of Kevin Weaver; Suzanne Caudill was the guest of Robert Lee; Brenda Hiner was the guest of Jim Bricker; Mike & Dr. Jasmine Schlitt were the guests of Dr. David Haines; Kendra Paton was the guest of George Paton; Dennis Williams was the guest of Jim Kessler; Ryan Goon was the guest of Mitch Goon; & Sierra Derrossett was the guest of Lecia Derrossett..

Door Greeters: Troy Tom.

Prayer:  John Elliott led us in prayer.

Pledge was given to the American flag. 

Promise yourself was said in unison.

Martin Becker led us in singing Hail to Optimism

Birthday Honorees:  Gary Tanner.  Martin Becker led us in the birthday song with our usual results.


            >>>> INFORMATION


Prayer Requests:

Jim Nesbitt’s recovery.

Ken Anderson’s family at the passing of his mother.

Dave Wolkins recovery from knee surgery.


Membership:  Kellie Malcolm read Robert Lee’s application.  Kevin Weaver sponsored Robert.


President Everett Nifong reported the following Board action: 

Tracy Horrell is working on new banners for our events.

No meeting December 25 nor January 1.

The Valentine’s Banquet has been cancelled.  Attendance has dwindled.

The next board meeting is Monday, November 18th at 6 p.m.


Past Lt. Gov. Ot Schroeder reported our Octagon Club sold 33 of their Pumpkin Project decorations.  Thirteen of our members bought them.  They will donate the profit to Riley Children’s Hospital


Art Gakstatter and Trina Hoy reported that our Spooktakular will be Friday, November 1 as part of First Friday.  The Costume Contest is from 5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Trick or Treating is from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Costume judging starts at 7:30 p.m. on the Courthouse lawn and can go until 9 p.m.  Help is needed between 4:30 p.m.into the evening.  At the end people are needed for the clean-up.  Sponsors are Miller’s Merry Manor, WCDC, Downtown Merchants, Bowen Center, Warsaw Breakfast Optimist & others.   


Director Martin Becker reported our Optimist Singers will sing at 5:30 p.m. Sunday, November 3 at Miller’s Merry Manor.  Julianne Runnells reported the $5 per Chili Supper will go to the Women’s Auxiliary to help with shipping costs to our overseas service people. 


President Everett Nifong invited us to attend the District Meeting at the I.U. Student Success Center in Kokomo on Oct 26.  See Past Gov. Ron Donkers if you are going.


Tech Chairman Jim Hayes recognized Website Chairman Jeff Owens for his work rebuilding our website.  If anyone has any pictures for an online scrapbook, please give them to Jeff.


Thanks to new member Robert Lee for chairing our Safe Assured ID


Remember to bring some money to our November 27 Cub Scout Bake Auction.


Trina Hoy invited us to nominate deserving candidates for the Warsaw Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce’s Man and Woman of the YearDimensions of Excellence Business Award, and Government Excellence Award.  Forms are by our badge box.  Past men of the year were recognized:  Dr. David Haines,John ElliottBill Landrigan, and Jerry Clevenger.


Warsaw Community High School Boys Tennis coach Rick Orban introduced us to:  Caleb RayKyle WettschurackRyan WettschurankNikos SchlittEvan Miller, and Nic Jansen.  Coach Orban reported they have won their conference 2 years in a row.  They won their Sectional and Regional.  He is very proud of his kid’s work ethic.  All his seniors are headed to college.  For 2 years in a row his kid’s have the highest academic scores of the sports teams in our High School. 


Video Editor Jim Hayes showed us a video showing the reactions of fast food workers to the “Drive Thru Skeleton Prank.”



Sergeants-at-Arms:  Trace HansenLuke Becknell,& Lyle Enyeart entertained us.  Video Editor Jim Hayes introduced us to a new graphic of our Sergeants as “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.”


Dennis Williams is a red shirt this year.  He is looking for work in Web design and maintenance. 

John Burtoft was recognized for Bowling and Skating Days.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month was recognized.

Sunday School teachers were recognized. 

It was good to see John Elliott.  We thanked him for the wonderful big cakes at all the branches of 1st Source in honor of their 150th anniversary.  In honor of their anniversary they are giving to non-profits.  We can turn in nominations for Baker Youth Club at BYC or directly to John. 

Sierra Derrossett was recognized for stripped pants day.  Lecia needs to were them next week.

Many adventurous souls sat at different tables.  Ron Henry was among those who were at their usual tables.

Yours truly was recognized for Credit Union day. 

Jim Walmer was recognized for sponsoring Luke Becknell into our club.  Jim has a new granddaughter.  His grandson is playing in marching band and is going to state in Cross Country.

25 years ago Martin Beck and the Warsaw Community High School Band was recognized for a Superior rating.

It was noted that President Elect Rick Kerlin was not wearing his Optimist Pin when Kerlin Motors presented their annual mountain of coats for the coat drive.

Legendary Storyteller Fred Nieter got a start on one of his stories.  It was the one about the Captain in the Army, who noticed half his troops were missing at revelry. Just then a soldier ran up out of breath.  He said he went to the movies and the movie was long.  After the movie, he got a bus, but then the bus got a flat tire.  He then got a cab, but the cab broke down.  He then found a farmer and bought a horse from him.  About a mile later the horse died.  He then ran the last 10 miles to get back to camp.  Just then 8 more soldiers came running up out of breath.  They said they went to the movies and the movie was long.  After the movie, they got a bus, but then the bus got a flat tire.  They then got 2 cabs, but the cabs broke down.  They then found farmers and bought horses from them.  About a mile later the horses died.  They then ran the last 10 miles to get back to camp.  Just then another soldier came running up out of breath…  About that time the Sergeants wrestled the microphone from Fred.  We could not hear the rest of the story.





Ben Barkey gave us more information about our Washington STEM Academy.  Stem is science, technology, engineering, and math.  Ben remembered Dr. Jenny Lucht instilling a love of science in him. 

Washington Stem Academy is project-based learning.  Teachers work hard to facilitate students as they work with driving questions to learn.  The problem solving model of learning results in a pinnacle of creating, that is based on evaluating, and in turn analyzing, applying, understanding, and remembering.

An example of the STEM hands on project based learning is kids using fishing poles to try the scientific method.  They can try variations of bait, color of bait, depth of bait, weight of bait, etc.

An example of hands on learning about technology is kids using Google Earth to learn about latitude and longitude.

An example of hands on learning about engineering is Lego education and robotics.

An example of hands on learning about math is compound microscopes with multiplication lenses.

Every grade level does biomedical projects and lakes and streams projects. 

Second graders use a physical model to help them write descriptively with good paragraphs and punctuation.

Third graders make machines with gears.

Fourth graders build eco-columns and use probes to measure water quality items like, temperature, ph, etc.

Fifth graders learn about Indian tribes inside of their Indiana History section.

Sixth graders use robotics to learn the scientific method as they change one variable at a time.

To illustrate some of the tools available to our kids, Ben had Past President John Elliott and Legendary Storyteller Fred Nieter each make an item out of play dough that represented us.  John made a donut and Fred made a child.  Ben then used a 3-D scanner to make a digital 3-D file of the child.  He then used a 3-D printer to turn the 3-D file into a 3-D prototype.  Our kids use Google Sketch Up and Auto CAD to make 3-D files. 

Our STEM Academy has wonderful partners:  Kosciusko Water and Soil Conservation, Kosciusko Lakes and Streams, Grace College, Manchester University, OrthoWorx, First Tee Foundation, Hands On Science Central, Society of Women Engineers, DNR, and Cerulean.