Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Upcoming Events:


10/29 Wed. Lake City Bank / David Findlay, CEO


11/12 Wed. Girls Swim & Dive

11/12 Wed. Beamon Home

11/19 Wed Boys Swim & Dive

11/19 Wed. WCSH Orchestra

11/26 Sun. Boy Scout Bake Sale



President Rick Kerlin led our meeting.

94 Optimists & guests:

  • Kevin Sandburg-Guest of John Elliot.
  • Mikayla Metzger-Guest and daughter of Dan Metzger.
  • David Hoffert-Guest of Akash Jain.

Door Greeters:  Dr. K.T. Kishan & David Cates.

Prayer:  Brooke Hamstra.

Pledge was given to the American flag.

Promise yourself was said in unison.

Hail to Optimism was sung in unison. 

Birthday Honorees:  Harry Gigous & Gary Tanner. 


Jenna Secrist, conducted:

  • 2nd Reading: David Hoffert, sponsored by Akash Jain.

John Elliott inducted:

  • Kevin Sandburg who was sponsored by John Elliott. Welcome to the club Kevin!

CEO Report (Club Essential Optimists):

Jenna Secrist announced Jerry Titus:

  • Jerry has been an Optimist Member since 1974! He has been married for 21 years, he has 5 kids and 11 grandchildren.  He has a dog named Buddy who is a Chihuahua.  He is the owner and funeral director of Titus Funeral Home.  He was born and raised here in Warsaw.  He enjoys woodworking and is a Cubs fan.  Next May will mark his 50th visit to the Indianapolis 500 Race.  He is a Vietnam vet, thank you for your service Jerry!  He said he has already accomplished his burning desire by being able to drive a race care and being asked to “slow down.”  He says he key to success is being a little crazy!

Committee Reports:

  • Spooktakular-Friday, October 24. Talk to Art Gakstatter if interested in volunteering. 


  • Cub Scouts cake auction will be 11/26 and they need auctioneers.
  • District Meeting in Anderson, IN Oct. 24-25 this weekend!
  • First LEGO League-November 16.
  • Please add to your safe sender email list!
  • Reminder there will not be a meeting on 12/24/14.

50/50:  No tickets yet.

Sergeants-at-Arms:  Jeff Owens, Bob Jackson & Dr. Steven Hollar entertained us:

  • $1 Charge-
    • Anyone who has ever officiated a game, because the officials lost the Notre Dame Football game.
    • John Elliott for bragging that Dave Wolkins was present today.
    • Anyone who has been offended by the sergeants so far.
    • David Cates for being on the ballot and being a greeter this morning.
    • Dan Metzger for not introducing his daughter, Mikayla’s name when he announced she was a guest this morning.
    • Lyle Enyeart because only Fred Nieter can be “not funny” in the club.
    • Randy Polston clarified there is nothing we need to know about him and Dave Hoffert. He also announced his new grandbaby, Olivia was born on 09/10/14.
    • Tony Elliot for showing us what Tony Elliot looks like.
    • Jerry Titus for Tony Elliot driving 197 mph in a race car.
    • Rick Kerlin was recognized for his daughter, Camile’s efforts in raising $12,600 for Riley at the Colt’s game.
  • 5 Things You Need To Know about….
    • Jane Wear
      • Coffee or Juice = Coffee.
      • Sunrise or Sunset =  Sunset.
      • Kansas City or San Francisco = Neither, not a baseball fan.
      • Lazy boy or Sofa = Sofa.
      • Astrological sign = Pisces.
  • Optimistic $1-
    • Laurie Schotz announced an East Side Speak Easy Friday, October 24th at the Old Train Depot at 6:30pm for dinner and a Murder Mystery.
    • Jim Reeve announced his son went for heart surgery last week and ended up having a quadruple bypass. He is home now and recovering.  Prayers to you and your son, Jim!
    • Brooke Hamstra announced that she spoke to a high school class of Seniors about Business Insurance at Tippecanoe Valley High School and the students did not fall asleep or throw spit wads at her!
    • Ron Donkers recognized Eric Lane for his efforts in opening up a Homeless Shelter here in town.
    • Fred Nieter said he will be at Grace Village giving away dead batteries free of charge. Nice one Fred 😉
    • Trace Hansen for joking last week about not being President-Elect and then eluded to joining the Fred Nieter club of joke telling, but he has to get with Fred to remember what the joke was.
    • Eric Lane announced the opening of the Fellowship Mission’s Homeless Shelter on 09/25/14 and thanked the community for the out pouring of support. They are already at 85% capacity and have 9 children under the age of 12.
    • Ann Sweet graciously thanked those who helped with the Feed My Starving Children efforts last week, they packed 1.3 million meals for kids!
    • Joe Wilkey thanked those who have helped with World Compassion.
    • Jenna Secrist announced that this month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and she is very passionate about the cause!
    • Marty Becker announced his neighbor, Corbin Stare, which Marty mentored and Corbin got a very prestigious job that he was one of 200 candidates selected to apply in the field of music. What an accomplishment.


Billy Hutchison the General Manager for Stonehenge Golf Club presented this morning.  He is learning a lot and adjusting to his new role at the club.  They are looking to make increase their membership and evaluating some possible changes in the future pertaining to a conference room, semi-private club, restructuring fees, and considering golf attire!

For more information:

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  • Invite a guest to breakfast.
  • Quote of the week: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without home and confidence.”  -Helen Keller