Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Invocation: Fred Nieter

Greeters: John Teevan, Lyle Enyeart

Guests: Wendy Fairchild (Joe Thallemer); Shari Benyousky, Nicole Ruished (Travis McConnell); Tracy Davis (David Meier)

Birthdays: Denny Andrews, Alan Grossnickle, Dr. Bill Katip, Max Mock

Check Presentation: WBOC Board member Jim Smith presented Robert Brannock, Director of Bands for Warsaw Schools, with a check for $1,000. The money will be used for new uniforms. The current uniforms are worn out and they need to raise $40K.

Sara Anne, Penguin Point: David Meier said Sara Anne is leaving Penguin Point and going to Wagon Wheel to be an administrative assistant. Cake was served. Congratulations Sara Anne!

Announcements: 1) Art Gakstatter passed around a sign-up sheet for Spooktakular. He needs volunteers for this event Friday, October 26, particularly with tear down. Please contact Art if you can’t get in to sign up. 20 Pam Galloway passed around a survey regarding the 60th event. 30 Rick Swaim passed around a sign up sheet for Tracey’s Trailer. If you have a free afternoon please contact Rick. This is to help teach youth about bike riding.

Induction: Past President Tony Ciriello inducted Shari Benyousky, sponsored by Travis McConnell.

50/50(Kris Farwell): Glen Hall won!

Sergeants: No time!

Program: K21 Health Foundation, by WBOC member and K21 President Rich Haddad! The mission statement: K21 “exists for the benefit of Kosciusko  County to ensure health services are provided, and to advance prevention and healthy lifestyles. This will be accomplished by identifying health needs in our community and maintaining an endowment so funding is available through investments and grants, for those needs.” Rich said they are an endowed fund that can grant money out. The original non-profit was formed in 1967 to build and run a county hospital. They sold in 1999 to a hospital system so health services at the hospital could be expanded by the system. In almost 20 years $50 million has been granted. Seventeen community leaders serve as Board members. Because  K21 is a mission driven private foundation, the IRS requires pay outs to be made. The amount from the original buyer was $63 million, now they have $75 million. The K21 Health Services Building on KCH campus is not the K21 Health Foundation. Rather it is the result of a KLA project which brings 9 organizations and 15 programs together under one roof to provide health services to the community. Recent grants from KLA include climbing rocks in Rotary Park, upgrades to Warsaw Little League Park, $50K to the Baker Youth Club for a game room for the kids, Grace College Nursing Program, $300K to Warsaw schools for the Student Activity Center and a grant for a program designed by a Milford phys ed teacher for a heart monitoring program for students while active. Rich went on to discuss a seminar held at the MOCC regarding overall health in Indiana and Kosciusko County. Overall Kosciusko County ranked 29 out of 92, 35th in terms of mortality and 22nd in terms of morbidity (health quality). Areas evaluated included poor/fair health and poor health days, low birth weight, smoking, obesity, physical inactivity, access to exercise, teen births and uninsured rate. The seminar also looked at opioid deaths, ER visits and prescriptions, teen smoking, outlet density (marketing smoking to youth) and infant mortality. Rich pointed out there is a free clinic in our county for pregnant women that is little used. Indiana is 49th in the country for public health funding. For more information check out