Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Upcoming Events:


10/21-Rud’s Dog Park/Carla Carlton

10/28-Oregon Trails Experience/Randy Polston


11/4-Vetrans Day Songs

11/15-YMCA/Chad Zaucha

11/18-WCS High School Orchestra/Carolyn Stalcup

11/25-Boy Scouts Bake Sale



12/9-WACC/Ronna Kawsky

12/16-Parkview/Scott Gabriel

12/23-Christmas carols

12/30-White Elephant Auction


A moment of silence was held in honor of the four men killed in plane crash, our brother and friend from club, Tony Elliot, Scott Bibler, Charlie Smith and his son Scott Smith.

Trace Hansen led our meeting.

98 Optimists & guests:

  • Greg Oberlin-guest of Scott Whitaker.
  • Trevor Ross-guest of John Elliott.
  • Doug Blatz was a guest.
  • Andrea Heddington was a guest.
  • Jo Faulkner-guest of Josh Gordon.
  • Warsaw High School Football Team and Coach Phil Jensen.

Door Greeters:  Alan Lucth & John Kirkpatrick.

Prayer:  Jenny Lucht.

Pledge was given to the American flag.  


Promise yourself was said in unison.


Hail to Optimism was sung in unison.


Birthday Honorees:  Happy Birthday to Jim Walmer, Max Mock, Bill Katip, Aaron Rovenstine, Tammy Keirn and Phil Jensen!


Check Presentation: 

None today. 


Octagon Update: 

Joe Jackson gave an update on the Fall Displays this year.  Last year they only had 56 sales and in 2015 they sold 100!  Thank you to all who contributed to our success this year!


Special Award: 

Rick Kerlin was presented with a plaque in honor and recognition of all his efforts and dedication to the club as President this past year.  Great job Rick! 


Committee Reports:

  • Art Gakstatter reminded us about the Spooktacular event that will be Friday, October 23rd from 5-7pm. Please let him know if you can help volunteer.
  • Jenny Lucht announced the Car Show for 2016 will be on May 15th.



Pam Galloway conducted:

  • 1st Reading:
    • Mark Terrell-sponsored by John Elliot.
  • 2nd Reading:
    • Jo Faulkner-sponsored by Josh Gordon.
  • 3nd Reading:
    • Jim Smith-sponsored by Tony Ciriello.


CEO Report: 

None today.



  • The Basket-In was passed in memory of our brother Tony Elliot and will be passed again next week.
  • We need:
    • Finance Committee member 1.
    • Santa House CO-CHAIR.
    • Tri-Star Soccer CO-CHAIR.
    • Programs CHAIR + 1 member.
    • Events & Promotions CHAIR.


Sheriff’s Report: None today.


50/50:  Art Gakstatter was today’s winner!


Videos:  None today.


Sergeants-at-Arms:  Robert Bishop and Joel Wihebrink:


  • $1 Fine/$1 Optimistic:
    • Reverse CEO Missy Mitchell, something no one knows about her, 2005 she was National Soccer Mom of the Year.
    • Jerry Titus for 22 years of marriage.
    • Pam Galloway fined for calling out Steve Hollar during Membership.
    • Jenny Lucht fined for saying Trace wrong.
    • Doc Haines fined for being in South Carolina two weeks ago.
    • Patty Donkers for Ron not being there.
    • Steve Hollar for Grace Soccer update 11-1.
    • Alan Lucht for Warsaw CHS soccer update 14-1.
    • Jen Pyle only 100 days until her wedding.


  • 5 Questions:
    • Chief Whitaker (National be bald and be free day)
      • Comb/Brush? = Comb.
      • Brown/Blonde/Red? = Brown.
      • Straight/Electric Razor? = Straight Razor.
      • Choice/Not choice to be bald? = Both, top of the head = not choice and facial = choice.
      • Curly/Straight? = Straight.



Sergeant Greg Oberlin presented this morning about Warsaw Citizens Police Academy.  Thank you for sharing Greg. 




  • Invite a Guest.
  • Clean up tables.
  • Next Week’s Program: Rudy’s Dog Park.


Have a safe and very Optimist Week!

A huge THANKS goes out to Jen Pyle for taking notes on such short notice this week!  Thanks again Jen!!!