Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

 Upcoming Events:


11/12 Wed. Girls Swim & Dive

11/12 Wed. Beamon Home/Tracie Hodson

11/19 Wed Boys Swim & Dive

11/19 Wed. WCSH Orchestra

11/26 Sun. Boy Scout Bake Sale



President Rick Kerlin led our meeting.

102 Optimists & guests:


  • Matt Voss-Guest (son) of Juergen Voss.
  • David Hoffert-Guest of Akash Jain.
  • Jeff Walmer-Guest (son) of Jim Walmer.
  • Tim Hamman (new owner of Male Fashions)-Guest of Andy Swihart.
  • Clelda Benning (wife of David Benning)-Guest of Ann Sweet.


Door Greeters:  Everett Nifong & Scott Reust.


Prayer:  Fred Nieter.


Pledge was given to the American flag.


Promise yourself was said in unison.


Hail to Optimism was sung in unison.

Birthday Honorees:  Mike Cox, Troy Akers & Dan Metzger.  Happy Birthday! 


Tracy Furnivall, conducted:

  • Induction: David Hoffert, sponsored by Akash Jain.  Welcome to the club David!


CEO Report (Club Essential Optimists):

Kellie Malcolm announced Jim Walmer.

  • Jim has been an Optimist member since 1975! He has been married for 37 years, he has 4 sons and 12 grandchildren.  He doesn’t have any pets.  He is an attorney.  His hobbies include spending time with his family.  His passion is conservatism and fairness.  He has lived in Warsaw for 54 years.  His burning desire is to win the lottery.  Something we don’t know about him, he used to work in the family business at Walmers Supply House (located where Colliers is now).  His honors include, Tulsa Law School, past Vice President of Optimist and 2 years of perfect attendance.  His key to success is his parents and they would tell him when you get knocked down, get right back up!  His favorite Optimist memory is when he attended a father/daughter event and witnessed Merl Heckaman’s 16 year old daughter dump a pitcher of ice cold water on Merl’s head.  Thank you for sharing and being an ESSENTIAL member in our group!


Committee Reports:

  • Bob Jackson and Coach Jim Kessler discussed Hoops for Hope on November 21-22. They have different sponsorship opportunities ranging from $100-$500.  Ask them for more information!
  • Luke Becknell canned food drive, starts next week! Bring your items to donate.
  • Jenny Lucht is involved with putting together health kits with World Compassion Network and her church. They are asking for items like shampoo, tooth paste, etc.  Please bring items next week!
  • Are you on Facebook, be sure you go to our page ( and “Like Us.” 


  • Chamber-Man/Woman of the Year Award Nominations are due to the Chamber by Nov. 7th.
  • Winona Limitless Park Fundraiser is 10/27/14-12/5/14. Go online at to donate!
  • Veterans Day Salute-Nov. 9th @ WCHS.
  • Cub Scout cake auction will be 11/26/14 and they still need auctioneers.
  • First LEGO League-November 16.
  • Please add to your safe sender email list!


50/50:  None today.


Sergeants-at-Arms:  Jeff Owens, Dr. Steven Hollar & Bob Jackson entertained us:


  • Ranking Competition:

Several members who were honored by the Optimist Singers this morning were challenged to write down all of their rankings from start to end.  Frank Grose was the winner!


  • 5 Things You Need To Know about….
    • Steve Albertson (married 57 years):
      • Hairdryer/Curling iron             =             Hairdryer.
      • Scrambled/Poached/Over Easy =          Over easy.
      • Rain/Snow =                                               Snow.
      • Salt/Pepper =                                               Salt.
      • Prayer/Pledge             =                              Pledge.


  • $1 Charge:
    • Anybody who did not vote.
    • Kellie Malcolm for having a BS from BSU.
    • Anybody that was on the ballot yesterday and who was unopposed.



Our very own Optimist Singers performed this morning.  They honored our Veterans and did a wonderful job!  Thank you all for your dedication and commitment!



  • Next week’s Program – Tracie Hodson/Beamon Home.
  • Clean up tables.
  • Invite a Guest.
  • Quote of the week: “Between the Optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. The optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist the hole!”  -Oscar Wilde.