Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Future Dates
11/27 ring bell for Salvation Army
11/30 Great HS Whodunit
Dec. – Santa House
Dec . – Owens Christmas Trees
67 Optimists & 9 guests attended our meeting: Lisa Cassel guest of Mary Ellen Jordan; Jim Tague from the Noon Optimists; Deb Bishop, Dianne Ratliff, Deb Becknell guests of Luke Becknell; Jeff Genter guest of Don Kenipe; Matt Teevan guest of John Teevan; Keegan & Kamden Tom guests of Angie & Kyle Tom.
Door Greeters: Dr. K.T. Kishan.
Prayer was offered by Merl Heckaman.
Pledge was given to the American Flag.
Promise yourself was said in unison.
Birthday Honorees: Fred Nieter & Ann Sweet. Mar-tin Becker led the Cub Scouts with great results.
Prayer List: Jim Bricker’s family at the passing of his step-father. Tracy Horrell’s father. Marilyn Kenipe’s upcoming back surgery.
Membership: Past Pres. Sam Whitaker inducted Jan Martin. Scott Whitaker read Lisa Cassel’s appli-cation. Sponsors are Lecia Derrossett for Jan & Mary Ellen Jordan for Lisa.
Dr. Steve Hollar invited us to the Great High School Whodunit fundraiser for the WHS PTA on 11/30 at 7pm at the Warsaw H.S. Performing Arts Center. Tickets are $20.
Luke Becknell introduced Deb Bishop, Dianne Ratliff, Deb Becknell who run the Community Closet out of the United Methodist Church. They provide paper & cleaning supplies to people in need. They served nu-merous people this year. So far they have given out over 10,500 rolls of toilet paper . . . One per person they helped. Our donations the last couple weeks added up to a $450 check to them.
Merl Heckaman reminded us this Saturday Nov. 27 is our day to ring the bell for Salvation Army.
Angie Tom asked us to sign up to work the Santa House. This year it is downtown the 1st weekend of December & at K-Mart the next 2 weekends. Thanks to Art Gakstatter & his helpers for moving it twice as often this year. Angie, Jane Greene, Tammy Keirn, & Trina Hoy are organizing the house.
Owen’s is donating $5 per Christmas Tree we sell the 1st 3 weekends after Thanksgiving. Sam Whitaker thanked those who helped set up. He is looking for volunteers to sell trees at Owens East.
President Joel Wihebrink led us in thanking Gregory Houlton, Hugh Eagan, & Allegra Printing for printing our directories at no cost!
Jim Tague delivered poinsettias for the Noon Club.
Coach Doug Ogle introduced us to his seniors: Travis Thomas, Christopher OHara, Jalen Roscoe, Joey Sparkman, Brock Davis, & Nic Moore. It is ob-vious Doug is proud of his kids discipline. Sepa-rately, the 2010 State Runner Up Banner is being unveiled tonight.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
2nd Lt Jacob Sweatland – Army Ranger
Program: Bill Landrigan & Merl Heckaman auc-tioned baked goods from the Winona Lake Cub Scouts. Joe Thallemer & Mike Hall judged the baked goods for creativity and size. It is estimated that they made over $500 this year. The Cub Scouts also thanked Bill Landrigan for his service in their fall auction and for purchasing many of the items.

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