Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Upcoming Events:


11/18-WCS High School Orchestra/Carolyn Stalcup and Boys Swim & Dive

11/25-Boy Scouts Bake Sale


12/2-Lifeline/Mark Terrell and Wrestling

12/9-WACC/Ronna Kawsky and Gymnastics

12/16-Kosciusko Cares/Marsha Carey

12/23-Christmas carols

12/30-White Elephant Auction


President, Trace Hansen, led our meeting.

All members who have served were recognized and applauded in honor of Veterans Day!  Thank you for your service!

87 Optimists & guests:

  • Michael Lyons-guest of Randy Polston.
  • Doug Blatz-guest of Rick Kerlin.
  • Don Parker, Denny Reeve, Shelly Reeve-guest’s from Warsaw Noon Optimist Club.
  • Kyle Hamlin-guest of Doug Ogle.
  • Josh Finch-guest of Tony Ciriello.

Door Greeters:  Jim Kessler & Ken Anderson.

Prayer:  Ivan Schuler. 

Pledge was given to the American flag.  

Promise yourself was said in unison.

Hail to Optimism was sung in unison. 

Birthday Honorees:  Happy Birthday to Dr. KT Kishan, Dr. Jenny Lucht and John Sullivan!

Check Presentation:  None today. 


Pam Galloway conducted:

  • 2nd Reading:
    • Rick Swain-sponsored by John Sullivan.

John Sullivan inducted:

  • Doug Blatz-sponsored by Rick Kerlin.

CEO Report:                                                     

Jennifer Pyle announced-Harry Gigous.

Member since-January 28, 1998.


Anniversary-June 26, 1965.

Children-(4) Rachel, Joshua, Aaron and Rebecca.


Pets-4 outdoor cats.

City of residence-Warsaw for his lifetime pretty much.

Occupation-Bread slicing specialist/instructor.

Hobbies-Touring the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America. 

Burning Desire-To figure out what retirement is all about.

Key to Success-Perseverance.

Honors-Pillar of the Community 2008.

Something nobody knows-He was employed as a forest fire fighter in Southern California.

Favorite Optimist Memory-A Valentine party several years ago at Dave Taylor’s coffee shop.  There was no organized program, but rather each member told how they had met their spouse.  Turned out to be an interesting and humorous program.  Sam’s wife wasn’t in attendance and so Harry isn’t sure he heard the true story of their meeting.  Thank you for everything you do to help the club Harry!  We appreciate you! 

Committee Reports:

  • Officer Terry Polston Hoops for Hope-Bob Jackson announced the event this weekend will be on Friday and Saturday. Admission is $5 per day. Games on Friday are at 6pm and 8pm (Grace) and on Saturday at 1pm and 3pm. 
  • Ron Chambers updpaetd everyone about the Club Visitation with the Warsaw Noon Club. It was held on Monday, November 9th at noon over at the Grace College Cafeteria.  We had 8 members attend and had a nice time!   Ron recognized everyone who attended.
  • Merl Heckaman has a signup sheet for ringing the Salvation Army bells at Kmart and Walmart on Saturday, November 28th from 9am-5pm. The form will be available next week too.
  • Harry Gigous updated our efforts with the Christmas Tree Stands at Owens. We donate the stands for the trees and Owens gives our club $5 for every tree sold.  Harry recognized all the members who helped get that ready. 


  • The new Optimist Directories are available now, make sure to get yours.
  • The Chamber awards nominations are due by November 20th this year. Please make sure you give your nominations to Jen Pyle.  We have had several award recipients from our Club and recognized those that have been awarded in the past. 

Sheriff’s Report:  Bill Landrigan and Harry Gigous provided a report of their calls.

Optimist of the Month:  Millie Andrews was recognized and awarded a certificate.  This is a new award that will recognize an accomplished member who is dedicated and passionate about club.  Congratulations Millie, it is well deserved!

Mille wanted to add that she was very surprised and honored to be the recipient of this Optimist Award!

50/50:  Rich Haddad was today’s winner!

Videos:  None today. 

Sergeants-at-Arms:   Joel Wihebrink and Tim Hamman entertained us:

$1 Fine:

  • Rich Haddad for winning 50/50.
  • Warsaw Noon Optimist Club Members present gave $1, Don Parker, Denny and Shelly Reeve. Denny gave an additional $1 since he recently retired (Oct. 19) as a stock broker at Lake City Bank.
  • Rick Swain wants to help give out money for the club, he contributed his $1 to help the cause.
  • John Sullivan for calling Doug Blatz David during his induction AND for not allowing him his 60 seconds of mic time free of fine.
  • Jim Hayes for neglecting Tim Hamman’s spouse in the Directory.
  • Harry Gigous for having the mic more than the Program today.
  • Merl H for being in the Singers and something with a base.
  • Denny Andrews for being a dead beat husband, since Millie Andrews won the Optimist of the Month Award.

Happy $1:

  • KT Kishan gave $1 in honor of his birthday!


Chad Zaucha from the Kosciuskco YMCA presented along with Stacy Thomas-Director of Healthy Living, Steven Kuhn-Director of Aquatics and Tonya Douglas-Director of Operations.  They discussed different programs and benefits of being involved with the YMCA.  The YMCA has had tremendous growth since they moved to the new facility and are excited to continue to positively impact our community.  Thank you so much for sharing!


  • Invite a guest next week.
  • Clean up tables.
  • Next Week’s Program: WCS High School Orchestra
  • Quote: “An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere.  The pessimist sees only the red light.  But the truly wise person is color blind.”  Albert Schweitzer.

Have a safe and very Optimist Week!