Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Upcoming Programs:


5/11-North Central Co-op

5/18 KCCVB & State Tourism Bureau/Jill Boggs & Mark Newsome

5/25-Memorial Day Singers


6/1-Winona Lake Town Update/Craig Allebach

6/8-Avionics Class/WCHS Eric Coburn

6/15-Warsaw Rugby Club/Trevor Cracknel & Mark Maruso

6/22-Celebrate Recovery/Loren Eiker


Call To Order @ 7:00am

Invocation by:  Jim Kessler.

Greeters:      Tracy Furnivall & Rick Swaim.

102 Members & Guests:       

  1. Cheryl Avery-guest of Trina Hoy.
  2. Marcia & Will Mawer-guests (YOUNGER sister and brother-in-law) of Dr. Charles Hollar.
  3. Joey Hickerson-guest of Joel Wihebrink.
  4. Tressa Nichol-guest of Pam Galloway.
  5. Joe Jackson-Octagon President, guest and son of Bob Jackson.
  6. Blake McGarvey-Octagon Vice President.
  7. Warsaw Baseball coach Mike Hepler and team members.

Birthdays:  George Paton, Don Reinholt, Merl Heckaman, Jennifer Dorman, Brenda Edling, Travis McConnell and Josh Gordon.

OCTAGON Check Presentations: 

Joe Jackson and Blake McGarvey presented the following checks:

  1. Baker Youth Club-Tracy Furnivall for $1,000.
  2. YMCA-Chad Zaucha for $1,000.
  3. Riley Children’s Fund-Troy Akers for $1,000.


Pam Galloway conducted:

1st Reading for:

Tressa Nichols-who is sponsored by Pam Galloway.

3nd Reading for:

Cheryl Avery-who is sponsored by Trina Hoy.

Program: Kristin Farwell presented a live Robotics Demo this morning with some of the Warsaw Elementary School Students involved in the Robotics Program.  It was an interactive demonstration and allowed our club members to get involved in a sumo battle.  Fun was had by everyone! 

Committee Reports:

  1. Car Show-Jenny Lucht said we need sponsors and door prizes.  Remember the money generated from this event is used to help the youth in our community!
  2. Golf Outing-will be June 16th.  
  3. Triathlon will be on June 25th.


  • Andrew O’Connell announced that Mickey Smethers donated a great new chair for the Santa House.  Thanks so much Mickey!
  • Reminder: Board meeting next Monday night at 5:30pm at the Clubhouse.
  • This is the last week to order your Optimist Triathlon Tshirt.
  • Optimist Singers will be performing this week, Thursday at noon-Day of Prayer and Friday from 5-9pm at First Friday.
  • Ron Donkers has donate a Dime-A-Day to Optimist International forms to complete for any member interested.

Sheriffs Report:  Bill Landrigan gave a report this morning.  Thank you for your continued efforts!

CEO Report:  None this week.

50/50: Bill Crane won this morning!


Joel Wihebrink and Tim Hamann entertained us this morning!


  1. Next Week:  North Central Co-op 
  2. Thank You Guests & Speaker.
  3. Clean your tables, have an optimistic week.

Quote: “If plan A fails, remember you have 25 letters left.”   -Unknown.

Thanks and have an Optimist Week!