Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Future Dates
5/5 Grace College Wind Ensemble
5/7 Respect for Law
5/9 board meeting
5/11 KYLA
5/18 Car Show Registration & Parking
05/18 Kim Hocking from ICDI
5/21/11 Car Show
84 Optimists & 1 guests attended our meeting. Mark Caruso was the guest of Joel Wihebrink. Door Greeters: Henry Church & John Sullivan. Prayer was offered by John Ames. Pledge was given to the American Flag. Promise yourself was said in uni-son. Birthday Honorees: George Paton, Josh Gordon, Merl Heckaman, & Jennifer Dorman. Martin Beck led us with good results.
Prayer List: Marilyn Kenipe has been released by BOTH of her doctors. Alan & Kristine Aldefer’s daughter Katherine as she fights her bone & muscle disease.
Stonehenge Golf Outing June 16: Everett Nifong is looking for help & sponsors at the $100, $450, $1000 levels. Please turn in your sponsorship as soon as possible, so signs can be made. Josh Gordon, Mike Cusick & Andy Swihart are looking for door prizes & items for the 80 goody bags. Golf is $90 per player. Brochures are available. Trina Hoy has publicized it in the Chamber website.
Scott Whitaker announced Respect for Law – Law Enforcement in Action Day will be May 7 from 9am to 2pm. Kids from 6 to 16 can register. Registration forms are on the back table.
Triathlon: Luke Becknell reported 219 are signed up.
Lt. Gov. Jim Reeve gave out awards for sponsoring new members to: Mark Skibowski, Art Gakstatter, Dr. Joe Thallemer, for sponsoring one each & Lecia Derrossett for sponsoring three & Trina Hoy & Jim Nesbitt for sponsoring four each.
The word is out, Sherriff of Attendance Bill Landri-gan is back. 84 of us, including Dave Wolkins & Greg Kralis were at our meeting
Jim Hayes showed us a Navy honor guard video and a video of a supposed tree hugger.
Co-Chairman John Elliott reminded us our Down-town Cruise In is 5/21/11. Help is needed on the Registration & Parking committees. They will meet at 6:30am before our May 18 meeting. Please give John Teevan your $25 for the trophies we sponsor. Next week is our deadline to turn in sponsorships at the $100, $200, or $500 level. Tyler Miller is putting a banner up outside Lake City Bank. KREMC & the South Bend Tribune are publicizing our show.
Past Pres. Sam Whitaker & our Sergeants-at-Arms ran our election. Tracy Furnivall is our President Elect. Angie Tom & Sam Whitaker are our Vice Presidents. Our new Board Members are Lyle En-yeart, Trina Hoy, Everett Nifong, & Chris Wiggins.
Pres. Joel Wihebrink announced a board meeting 5/9 at 7pm.
Ann Sweet is collecting for the Race for Trace. Proceeds go to the Kosc. Co. Cancer Care Fund.
Martin Becker invited us to the 5/5 concert at the Warsaw Performing Arts Center at 7:30pm. Both the Grace College Comm. Wind Ensemble & the Truth in Jazz “Big Band” will perform.
Sergeants-at-Arms: Dr. David Haines, Denny An-drews, & Jeff Owens entertained us. Henry Church is celebrating his 49th anniversary. We gave Josie McGrew a standing ovation for her Respect for Our Law Enforcement Officers. Pete Gano is proud of his grandson who is giving a report on Audie Murphy. Bill Landrigan is proud of his granddaughter Kristin Quick’s election as Octagon VP. Lyle Enyeart thanked John Sullivan & Sam Whitaker for his retire-ment party & Mike Foreman knife. John Teevan & Dr. Steve Hollar talked about do-it-yourself dentistry. Dr. David Haines read Mensa word plays.
50/50: Gary Tanner won $23.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
Brian Leverett – Navy – Key West, FL
Program: Dave Wolkins gave us news from the Statehouse.

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