Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Attendance: 107

Greeters: Travis McConnell, Jordan Foreman

Invocation:  Dave Benning

Guests (Hosts): Dennis Tucker (Larry Tucker), Dhaurag (Dr. K.T. Kishan)

Induction: Welcome to our newest members Scott Wiley (Sponsored by Troy Aker) and Heather Smith (Sponsored by Doug Baumgardner)

Welcome to Heather Smith & Scott Wiley, our newest members!

Birthdays:  Brandon Penrod, Jim Smith, Gene Groninger, Dave Benning, Jeff Servies, Doug Blatz, Dirk Sommers


Tony Ciriello called for nominations for club officers and board positions. Nominations will be taken for one more week.

Car Show: Dr. Jenny Lucht announced sponsors are still needed for the May 20th event. Sponsorship forms need to be submitted next week at the latest. Both event and trophy sponsors are needed. Sponsorship deadline is May 14th to allow time for recognition in the newspaper ad. Door prizes are also needed.

Golf Outing: Everett Nifong Tee announced tee sponsors and outing sponsors are still needed. You can send in your application and pay later. He also asked club members to consider donating items for door prizes or for goodie bags to be handed out to golfers at the June 14th event. 

Triathlon: Volunteers are needed for the upcoming triathlon on June 30th. Also, if you are interested in participating you can sign up online. 

Jennifer Dorman reported that the district meeting took place last week with presentations by oratorical and essay contest winners. The next meeting will be at the convention to be held in August in Muncie.

Scott Wiley informed the club that Lakeland Christian Academy is bringing Pam Tebow, Tim Tebow’s mom, to the Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts on Thursday, May 10th. Tickets for the event can be purchased at the Wagon Wheel or on their website.

50/50: $122 with $61 to the winner, Juergen Voss

Sergeants at Arms: Brooke Hamstra, Gina Voelz, Jeff Owens, Sam Whitaker – Highlights included new member Scott Wiley being fined for several things including promoting the Pam Tebow event and Ot Schroeder was fined for losing control of the induction


CTB, Inc. CEO, Vic Mancinelli shared the Chore-Time Brock story from it’s founding in 1952 to the present. The Company, which is now owned by Berkshire Hathaway, has over 300 employees, 1000+ distributors, and 40 manufacturing and warehouse facilities around the globe – including 14 US-based plants, 17 in Europe, one in Malaysia and one in Israel. Approximately 55% of its sales are outside the US. CTB focuses on four main business areas: Grain, Protein, Processing and Other.  

CTB, Inc. CEO, Vic Mancinelli

Next Week’s Program: The Studebaker Museum