Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Future Dates   

3/21 Fri. Grace Wind Ensemble / Martin Becker / Rodeheaver

3/22 Sat. Bowling for Kids / Big Brothers Big Sisters @ The Bowling Alley

3/25 Tues.  Eva Kor, Surviving the Holocaust / Manahan Orthopaedic Capital Center

3/26 Wed. Vote on new dues.

3/26 Wed. Warsaw Community Schools Chief Academic Officer David Hoffert

3/27 Thurs. Business After Hours at Warsaw High School Performing Arts Center (PAC)

4/2 Wed. English Learner Tutoring – Phil Call

4/9 Wed. Big Brother Big Sister – Trina Hoy

4/16 Wed. WPD DARE / Corporal Doug Light & Ptl Officer Jeff Tickner

4/23 Wed. Nate Bosch / Center for Lakes & Streams

4/30 Wed. Josh Wildman CEO of Wildman Business Group

5/7 Wed. Splash Pad / Erin Porter

5/14 Wed. Sheriff’s Office / Aaron Rovenstine

5/18 Sun. City of Lakes Cruise-In

5/21 Wed. Optimist Singers / Memorial Day

5/28 Wed. Warsaw Community Schools / Dr. Craig Hintz

6/4 Wed. FWA Airport Authority – Jessica Miller

6/16 Mon. Boomerang Backpack Golf Outing

6/19 Thur. Optimist Golf Outing

6/25 Wed. Registration Packets for Triathlon

6/28 Sat. Triathlon

7/2 Wed. Rebecca Bazzoni / Jacobs Ladder

7/9 Wed. Christon Clark / Habitat for Humanity

7/23 Wed. Warsaw Area Career Center / Ronna Kawsky

7/23 Wed. Cheerleaders

8/1 Fri. Penguin Point and Optimist Big Wheel Race

8/6 Wed. Boys Soccer

8/8 & 9 Fri. & Sat. Indiana North District Convention at Warsaw

9/10 Wed. WCHS Athletics / Dave Anson


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

President Everett Nifong led our meeting.


85 Optimists & 15 guests attended our meeting.  John Philip Sousa was the guest of Martin Becker, Mickey Smethers was the guest of Don Kenipe, Adam Heckaman & Tony Elliott were the guests of Art Gakstatter, Ralph Turner was the guest of Mitch Goon, Ricardo Scarlett was the guest of Greg Binkerd, Rusty & Tammy Meier guests of Dave Meier, Riley Betz & Linda Sommers were the guests of Trina Hoy, Dick & Nancy Rooker were the guests of John Elliott, Bill Cook was our guest from the Noon Club, Rebecca Bazzoni was the guest of Everett Nifong, & Matt Voss was the guest of Juergen Voss.   

Door Greeters:  Mitch Goon & George Brennan.

Prayer:  Fred Nieter led us in prayer.

Pledge was given to the American flag. 

Promise yourself was said in unison. 

John Philip Sousa led us in singing Hail to Optimism.

Birthday Honorees:  Toni Derry, Ron Henry, Owen Donahoe, Neil Donahoe, and a young man.  Martin Becker led us in the birthday song with our usual results.   


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Prayer Requests:

Larry Bishop’s recovery from his 2nd ankle surgery.  He will be working on his recovery for awhile.


Membership:  Past Lt. Gov. Jim Reeve inducted Brenda Hiner.  Membership Chair Kellie Malcolm read Adam Heckaman’s, Rusty & Tammy Meiers’, Ralph Turner’s, Ricardo Scarlett’s, Mickey Smethers’, Tony Elliott’s, & Riley Betz’s applications.  Brenda, AdamRusty, TammyRalphRicardoMickeyTony, & Rileyare sponsored by Jim BrickerArt GakstatterDavid MeierMitch GoonGreg BinkerdDon KenipeArt Gakstatter, & Trina Hoy


President Everett Nifong reported we will vote on March 26 to raise our dues to $85 per quarter.  This will be effective April 1st.  Our by-laws say our dues and the money we pay from our membership needs to cover the costs of our membership.  This enables us to use all the money we raise for the kid’s programs we support.  Our costs have risen over time.  Our new dues will be lower than similar clubs in our area.  Rotarians pay $125 per quarter, Noon Optimists pay $115 per quarter, and Kiwanians pay $109 per quarter.  We have Cadillac type fun at Studebaker type dues.


Past Gov. Ron Donkers & Lt. Gov. John Sullivan reminded us of Optimist International Foundation’s Dime-A-Day fundraising program.  Some of the overhead for things like the Oratorical and Essay contests at the district and higher levels are in need of funding.  The higher level Oratorical Contest winner receives $2,500 and the higher level Essay Contest winner receives $500.  As a larger club, we need to cover a large part of these costs.  The Dime-A Day program is a great way to do this.  Please send your $36.50 to Optimist International Foundation, Dime-A-Day Campaign, P.O. Box 952126, St. Louis, MO 63195.  Make sure you put “club # 04555” in the memo section of your check. An even better way to do this is to use a form Ron has to have your card charged $3.05 per month on an ongoing basis.  The forms are by the badge box.


President Everett Nifong presented Rebecca Bazzoni with a $650 check for Joe’s Kids f/k/a Jacob’s Ladder.  The demand for their pediatric rehab therapy has grown so much, it was decided together with  the Valparaiso office that our location should become a separate organization to facilitate local fundraising.  The waiting list of kids is growing.  Our donation will help with testing equipment.


Chaplain Fred Nieter is passing around a sign-up sheet for those who will do our invocations.  


Trina Hoy reported our Suggestion Box needs suggestions.  It is a great way to get ideas to our leadership. 


Visitation Chairman Ron Chambers reported we will visit our Rochester Club soon.  Date and time will be announced later.


Trace Hansen reported our Spring Break Skate is April 7 through 11.  Eastlake Skate provides free admission and we provide the skate rental.  Volunteers are needed to take the tickets to the schools the week before Spring Break.  Thanks to Ann Sweet for printing 8,000 tickets.


May 18th City of Lakes Cruise-In to Downtown Warsaw.  Co-Chair Past President John Elliott announced a sign-up sheet will be coming in a week or two. Remember to give your sponsorship money to John Teevan, the guy with the money tie.  On Sunday, April 13 we are visiting the Michiana PT Cruiser show.  The Duesenberg Cord Auburn Museum will feature one or two cars.  Special invitations have been extended to the Michiana PT Cruiser Car Club, the Fort Wayne Corvette Club and the Hoosier A Ford Club to host their car clubs at our Cruise In.  Working with Owens Supermarket, we’ve also invited the Oscar Meyer “Hot-Dog” Mobile to our show.  Purdue President Mitch Daniels has been personally invited to ride his motorcycle and be the Grand Marshall of our escorted Cruise to the Village of Winona Lake.

Our goal is to host 250 cars, trucks, and motorcycles; have some fun; and make $15,000 to support the youth activities of our Club.

As a Club member, we are asking you to commit to three things to help make this event successful:

  1. Clear May 18 on your schedule so you can help with the event

  2. Be a $25 Trophy Sponsor or upgrade to the Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

  3. Secure one additional sponsor of the event at the $500 … $200 … $100 level.

Enclosed in the action packets are a yellow Trophy Sponsor or higher form for members of our club.  The white Sponsor form is for others who we are asking to support at the $100, $200, or $500 levels.  John Teevan will be monitoring our support.  Please turn your sponsorship forms along with your check to “the guy with the money tie.”



President Elect Rick Kerlin reported that around $60,000 was raised during Riley Radio Days for the Kosciusko County Riley Kid’s Fund.  Rick thanked those who worked the phones. 


Past President George Brennan reported our 2 teams of people who know a lot about nothing did so well at our Warsaw Education Foundation Quiz Bowl that amnesty was extended to those who were not on one of our teams. 


Mike Cusick reported additional volunteers are needed to plan our Golf Outing fundraiser.  He has taken on a leadership position with the Fat & Skinny Tire Festival that is the same weekend as our Car Show.  Our Golf Outing will be Thursday, June 19 at 1 p.m. at Stonehenge.  Please consider golfing, becoming a Tee Sponsor, donating a door prize or goody bag items.


Past Gov. and Triathlon Chairman Ron Donkers reported our Triathlon is open.  Save Saturday, June 28 on your calendar.


Past Lt. Gov. Dr. David Haines provided our first post to our Year in Review series.  It is featured on the front page of our website.  Here is a direct link .


President Everett Nifong reported we need to be more proactive when it comes to paying our dues


Dave Meier announced our 34th Annual Big Wheel Race is Friday, August 1 at Center Lake Park.  Registration starts at 5:45 p.m.  Race is at 7 p.m.  Thanks to Penguin Point for sponsoring the bicycles, trophies, and gift certificates.


Lt. Gov. John Sullivan reported our Indiana North District Convention will be in Warsaw August 8th and 9th.


Big Brothers Big Sisters Community Development Director for Kosciusko County Trina Hoy challenged us to provide at least 4 teams of 5 bowlers for BBBS’s Bowl for Kids’ Sake at The Bowling Alley, by Tokens N Tickets N. Detroit Street, Saturday, March 22.  There are openings at 11 a.m.1:30 p.m., and 4 p.m.  Each bowler is asked to secure pledges of $100 or more.  All of the money raised goes to support matches of Bigs and kids.  You can register online at www.bbbsnei.orgor with the registration forms Trina has by our badge box.


Kelsi Griffith invited us to hear Holocaust survivor Eva Kor at the Manahan Orthopaedic Capital Center on Tuesday, March 25th at 6 p.m.  The topic is Surviving the Holocaust –  Stopping Hate.  Understanding Suffering.  Finding Forgiveness.  


Conductor Martin Becker invited us to the Grace College Community Wind Ensemble’s Sousa Salute, spring concert at Rodeheaver on Friday, March 21 at 7:30 p.m.


Laurie Schotz invited us to see our Warsaw Community High School Performing Arts Center (PAC) at a Chamber After Hours between 5 p.m.  to 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 27. 


Team of the Week:  Boys Basketball coach Doug Ogle introduced us to:  Zach RogersEvan SchmidtMoses MarandetPaul MarandetNate PearlJake MangasKyle MangasRashaan JacksonMatthew CobbTim SwansonNick SandsRiley RhoadesPeyton LongLuke WilsonCameron Hoskins, & Jordan Stookey.  He is proud of the character that is being revealed in them. 


Student of the Week:  Tracy Horrell introduced us to our own Troy Akers who introduced us to Warsaw High School students:  Skyla BrownOwen Glogvsky,Matthew GrothouseJessica HoagRyan MarshallChristopher Williams, & Bonnie Wong.




Past President Jeff Owens thanked those who worked our Oratorical Contest and our prize sponsors:  Esther Pfleiderer Charitable Trust at 1st Source Bank and Lake City Bank. 


Our Oratorical Contest Winners are Gianna Hochstetler and Owen Donahoe.

Gianna Hochstetler told us of Uncle Tom’s Cabin and how in 1852 it challenged the humanity of slavery.  The National Underground Railroad Museum informs us that some are enslaved today.  30 million are enslaved in the world and 60 thousand in America today. 

Gianna told us her passion shines light on evil.  The largest types of slavery today are sex trafficking, forced labor, and forced marriage.  Gianna told us of a girl who escaped from sex trafficking.

In 1865 legislation stopped American African slavery.  In 1965 legislation stopped Jim Crow.  Gianna encouraged us to contact our legislators to encourage them to end slavery.

Gianna reminded us that awareness is the first step of change.


Owen Donahoe told how his passion as a nerd impacts our world.  He tells how he is on not one but 2 Academic Super Bowl teams. 

Owen likes to play chess.  When he was younger there was no chess club, so he started his own.  It started with 16 kids and now has 60 kids per week.  Parents have reported that their students’ reading scores improved dramatically.  Also the kids’ confidence and engagement in school improved.

Owen is a swimmer.  Swimming is an endurance sport.  In practice you push yourself over long distances, so that in competitions you can push yourself in shorter distances.  Swimming is a no pain – no gain sport.  The swimming team provides camaraderie and goals for swimmers that helps develop their self-discipline.   


Owen’s future is that of an engineer.  Engineers identify and solve problems.  Owen thinks this way now.  Owen’s passion will impact our world with solutions to problems.