Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Future Dates
03/23 War. Ed. Found. Com. Quiz Bowl
04/5-9 Spring Break Skate
04/17 Safe Assured @ YMCA
05/22 Car Show Fundraiser
06/17 Golf Outing fundraiser
06/26 Triathlon
70 Optimists & 7 guests attended our meeting: Amanda Fleming guest of Angie Tom; Rick Kerlin guest of Lyle Enyeart; Cathy Mullett & Beth McHaffie guests of Trina Hoy; Tony Ciriello, Kerry & Tracey Rose guests of Sam Whitaker. Door Greeter: Ed Nordstrom. Prayer was offered by Doug Ogle. Pledge was given to the American Flag. Promise yourself was said in unison. Mystery Person Henry Church reported 15 people shook his hand.
Prayer List: Daniel Elliott’s continued recovery.
Membership: Everett Nifong read Beth McHaffie’s, Cathy Mullett’s & Amanda Fleming’s 3rd readings; Ben Garden’s 2nd reading; & Tony Ciriello’s & Rick Kerlin’s 1st reading. Trina Hoy sponsored Cathy & Beth, Angie Tom sponsored Amanda, Sam Whitaker sponsored Tony, Mitch Goon sponsored Ben, & Lyle Enyeart sponsored Rick.
Sherriff Bill Landrigan thanked all who came today.
Board Member Art Gakstatter presented a checks to Kerry & Tracey Rose of the Kosciusko County Soc-cer League & Erica Jansen & Audrey Findlay of the Warsaw School Closet Program.
Email Trace Hansen at to vol-unteer for our Safe Assured ID 4/17 from 9am to 2pm at the YMCA. Shifts are available.
Spring Break Skate: Trace Hansen pays the admis-sion & our club covers the skate rental for local ele-mentary kids during spring break. Call Trace Hansen to help hand out tickets after next week’s meeting.
Stacey Cox saluted: David Meier, who joined in 2005 & is our Marketing chair, chairs our Big Wheel Race, works our Triathlon, is past board member, & is a fisherman. David Taylor, who joined in 2003, works our Triathlon & Christmas Tree sales. is active in the Pierceton Chamber of Commerce, & is a historic re-enactor. Next Week Stacey will salute George Bren-nan & Steve Albertson.
Sergeant-at-Arms: Lyle Enyeart collected from those who did not wear green. Fred Nieter is happy Warsaw won it’s regional. Coach Doug Ogle thanked the community & H.S. administrators for their support. Warsaw plays Carroll at New Castle at 3:30pm Saturday. John Elliott remembered when our club started Warsaw Soccer. Chris Kehler com-mended Kerry & Tracey Rose for their logistical work for area soccer. Jim Hayes entertained us with an interrogation video. 50/50: This week Don Kenipe continued his winning tradition of buying a car show trophy with his winnings.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
Sgt Major James Houvener – Army – Iraq
Program: John Elliott & Art Gakstatter brought us up to speed on our new car show fundraiser. We hope to make Christmas Tree sales go the way of the fish fry. We have 3 goals: 1) Have Fun! 2) Publi-cize our club. 3) Make money. If people who bring cars have fun, they will come back in future years. We can build our clientele. Fun components are: DJ playing music, over 100 cars, downtown merchants, BBQ contest with award winning Mad Anthony Brew-ing’s BBQ, ML Motorsports car, Bob Fuson’s antique fire truck, escorted cruise at 5pm from downtown to the Village & back, 6:15pm Martin Becker’s band, 7pm prizes. Clint Marsh from WRSW & Brian Walsh from WIOE along with the Times-Union are publiciz-ing our show. Trina did a great graphic for our ad in the Cruizin magazine. Car entrants will get a list of what we do. The money comes from our buying 150 $25 trophies, 100 car entrants paying $12, 15 BBQ teams paying $20, 2 $500 gold, 2 $200 silver, & 5 $100 bronze sponsorships. Mad Anthony’s will do-nate 20% of their proceeds. Lyle Enyeart is calling auto related businesses for donations. The work teams are: Registration with Sam Whitaker, Jane Greene, Rich Haddad, & Fred Nieter. BBQ contest with Jim Kessler needs 4 more helpers. 4 people are needed for the Cruise to Winona Lake. Art Gakstat-ter & Jim Hayes need 10 people to help them work the show. Ed Nordstrom is working with downtown merchants on getting the drivers to visit the stores.


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