Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Upcoming Programs:


3/23-Oratorical Contest Winners

3/30-WCS CAO/David Robertsen


4/6-History of Scouting/Jim Reeve

4/13-SORE/Tim Meyer

4/20-Historical Museum/Dan Coplen

4/27-A.C.T.S./Clark Shepherd


Call To Order @ 7:00am

Invocation by: Doug Baumgardner.

Greeters:      Eric Lane & Rich Haddad.


  1. Thomas Rusinack-guest of Coach Kessler.
  2. Chris Bramlet-guest of Rick Kerlin.
  3. Lauren Byers-guest of Jennifer Kerns.
  4. Andrew Heckaman-guest and brother of Adam Heckaman.

Student of the Week-WCHS Troy Akers

  1. Jeremy David
  2. Noah Marshall
  3. Lilyana Ortega
  4. Mary McGrath
  5. Abigail Wilson
  6. Bradley Fletcher
  7. Logan Wulitich
  8. Zoe Wilman-Rogers
  9. Wilson Secaur

Birthdays:   Randy Polston, Tyler Miller, Toni Derry & Ron Henry.

Membership by Pam Galloway

  1. Jordan Foreman(Sam Whitaker)-2nd
  2. Chris Bramlett(Rick Kerlin)-3rd
  3. Patrick Haas(Travis Mcconnell)-2nd

Committee Reports:

  1. Oratorical- Jeff Owens, will give an update next week when speakers are present.       Jeff recognized the members who helped make the event successful.
  2. Nominating/Election-Rick Kerlin announced elections are coming soon.
  3. Car Show-Jenny Lucht said they need door prizes.


  1. Community Quiz Bowl-George Brennan thanked all of the club members who participated, they had 55 teams this year.

Check Presentation-none this week.

50/50-Andrew O’Connell is the winner this week. Tim Hamman won the restaurant gift card.

Program: Allen Holt from REAL Services.


  1. Next Week:   Oratorical Contest Winners.
  2. Thank You Guests & Speaker.
  3. Clean your tables, have an optimistic week.

“If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

Thanks and have an Optimist Week!