Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Future Dates
06/14 Seth Ray golf marathon
06/16 Over 90 members at meeting for Christmas Tree sales vote
06/16 KEDC Community Conversation
06/17 Golf Outing fundraiser
06/26 Triathlon
09/18 Cub Scout auction
90 Optimists & 9 guests attended our meeting: Dr. Darrell Johnson guest of Fred Nieter; Seth Ray guest of Everett Nifong; Emily Illingworth guest of David Illingworth; Kendra Paton & Kyle guests of George Paton; Camille Kerlin guest of Rick Kerlin; Jon Cook guest of John Sullivan; Tammy Wise & Gary Dant from 4-H Shooting Sports. Door Greeter: Fred Nieter. Prayer was offered by Tracy Horrell. Pledge was given to the American Flag. Promise yourself was said in unison. Birthday Honorees: Dr. Charles Hollar, Bruce Hansen, & James Nesbitt. Merl Hecka-man led Camille & Kendra with results. Mystery Per-son: Juergen Voss reported 12 people greeted him.
Prayer List: Jim’s mother, Norma Hayes’ cancer re-covery. Dot Nieter’s recovery from hip surgery.
Membership: Everett Nifong read Craig Snow’s 2nd reading & Dr. Darrell Johnson’s 1st reading. Everett sponsored Craig & Fred Nieter sponsored Darrell..
Sherriff Bill Landrigan: We had 90 members pre-sent today! Do not forget to come & vote next week.
Everett Nifong reported we have 19 or 20 teams for our 6/17 Stonehenge Golf Outing.
Trace Hansen is looking for a set-up & tear-down head & a volunteer coordinator for Safe Assured.
Lyle Enyeart presented 4-H Shooting Sports a $500 check from us. They are working with 89 kids.
Tracy Furnival commended Ot Schroeder on his com-mittee to curb drop-outs. Baker Youth Club / Big Brothers—Big Sisters need 80 mentors to spend 1 hour per week with an at-risk student. See Tracy!
John Elliott invited us to the KEDC community con-versation 6/16 from 9am to 2:30pm at the Orthopae-dic Capital Center. Cost is $10. Register at or call 267-6311.
President Sam Whitaker asked EVERYONE to come 6/16 for a VOTE on whether we should continue or discontinue our Christmas Tree sales. We will have OVER 90 members present for this meet-ing! As long as YOU come, it will happen!
Triathlon on 6/26: Past Gov. Ron Donkers reported we have 504 registered already. Some chairpersons who are looking for help are: Chris Wiggins, Jim Nesbitt, Merl Heckaman, & Bob Jackson. Past President Jeff Owens is looking for people with digi-tal photo/video equipment to record our triathlon.
Stonehenge pro, Seth Ray is looking for 12 helpers & sponsors for his 6/14 golf marathon fundraiser. He is generously donating 30% to us.
Stacey Cox saluted: Everett Nifong, who joined in 2006, has 3 years perfect attendance, chairs our golf outing & membership & is a board member. James Nesbitt, who joined in 1981, has 15 years perfect at-tendance, is an Optimist Singer, is past president & sergeant-at-arms, started the French Club. Next week Stacey will salute Jim Reeve & John Teevan.
Sergeant-at-Arms: Pres. Sam Whitaker com-mended Jeff Owens for our website & Ron Donkers, Everett Nifong, & John Elliott for our fundraisers. John Elliott congratulated Rocky Goshert, Scott & Sam Whitaker for making the GOP golf outing. Everett Nifong’s son is getting married. Mary Ellen Jordan’s attorney daughter won her 1st corporate case & her son eloped. Bob Jackson’s son won a character award. Rick Kerlin’s daughter, Camille won a mental attitude award. Millie Andrews is retir-ing after 38 years of teaching. Merl Heckaman & Jay Tate have kids graduating. 50/50: Ot Schroeder won $41.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
Jimmy Ray – Air Force
Boating Safety Program: Jon Cook from our DNR reminded us to use personal floatation devices & how to give-way. Boater class is at Patona Bay 6/16

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