Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Upcoming Events:


6/10-Riley Champion/Camille Kerlin

6/17-First Source Bank/Chris Murphy

6/24-Triathlon Bags


7/1-KCH Health Update/Jay de los Reyes

7/8-Warsaw Times-Union/Gary Gerard


President Rick Kerlin led our meeting.

83 Optimists & guests:

  • Mike Hollingsworth-guest of Joel Wihebrink.
  • Chris Hanson-guest of Joel Wihebrink.
  • Chad & Ryan Goon-(sons) guests of Mitch Goon.
  • Nicholas Schlitt-(adopted son) guest of Mitch Goon.
  • Travis McConnell-guest of Trina Hoy.

Door Greeters: Charlie Hollar & Fred Nieter.

Prayer:  Brooke Hamstra.

Pledge was given to the American flag.  

Promise yourself was said in unison.

Hail to Optimism was sung in unison. 

Birthday Honorees:  Jay Tate, Tracey Horrell, Dr. Charles Hollar.  Happy Birthday!

Check Presentation:  None today.

Committee Reports:

  • Golf Outing will be June 18th @ Stonehenge. Contact Everett Nifong if you are interested in volunteering, participating, or sponsoring the event in any way! Raffle tickets will be available to purchase up to the date of the outing.
  • Triathlon will be held June 27th they still need volunteers to help put on this event. Sign up soon!
  • Respect for Law was a great success. Over 100 people attended the event! 


Mike Cox conducted:

  • 3rd Reading:
    • Travis McConnell-sponsored by Trina Hoy. 

CEO Report:

Jen Pyle announced-John Kirkpatrick.

Member since June 1993.

His wife is Janet.

Anniversary-March 29, 1969 (46 years).

Children-David & Sarah.

Grandchildren-Grant & Ryan.


City of residence-Warsaw (Goose Lake) for 29 years.

Occupation-Retired from Times Union.

Hobbies-Music and watching Major League Baseball (Reds).

Burning Desire-To be the oldest gospel singer in the world.

Key to Success-Good wife and chocolate donuts.

Honors-Under review.

Something nobody know-He was babtized by FBI agent, for 2 years he was a part of the Wagon Wheel cast, & he toured Germany  & Italy 9 ½ weeks with Singing Hoosiers.

Favorite Optimist Memory-Gail’s wig on Bob Jackson’s head, Optimist Singers and inviting our next President to the club.  

Thank you for sharing John!  We appreciate ALL you have done and ALL that you do for the club!


50/50:  Mitch Goon was the winner of $50 this morning!

Videos:  The Fabulous 50’s.   

Sergeants-at-Arms:  Jeff entertained us:

  • $1 Charge:
    • Everyone who had ever filled up at an ESSO station?
    • Denny Andrews and David Benning for having never used a hula hoop.
  • 5 Questions:
    • Jerry Clevenger (Golf)
      • Been golfing since the age? = 11.
      • Worst shot ever? = The one he didn’t hit.
      • Proudest golf moment? = When his son won state.
      • Lowest score ever recorded? = 68.
      • Favorite golf course? = Sunningdale.
  • $Optimistic $1:
    • Everett Nifong announced his youngest son is going to be a father this year and make him a grandfather again. Congratulations!
    • Tracy Furnivall shared Baker Youth Club will be having an open house and Ribbon Cutting today at 4pm at their new location.
    • Ann Sweet said her son helped paint the new Baker Youth Club location and he is finished now. She also mentioned the annual event that she is involved with for Feed My Starving Children last year and that it will be coming up again this fall.


Damian Mason spoke to our group this morning.  He presented on the topic of Reinvention for yourself and your business.  For businesses he mentioned, it comes down to evolution or extinction.  He said there are three ways you can reinvent your business: 1) Change your product, 2) Change your customers, or 3) Change your image.  Very interesting presentation.  Thank you Damion, it was great!

For more information contact:


  • Invite a Guest.
  • Clean up tables.
  • Next Week’s Program: 2015 Riley Champion – Camille Kerlin.
  • Quote: “The optimist lives on the peninsula of infinite possibilities, the pessimist is stranded on the island of perpetual indecision.” -William Arthur Ward.

Have a very Optimist Week!