Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Future Dates
6/6&7 Safe Assured ID @ Owens
6/8 Board Meeting 7pm
6/18/09 Safe Assured Golf Outing
6/27 Triathlon
7/1 meeting @ CE Center
7/8 no meeting
7/29 Hootenanny
73 Optimists & 9 guests attended our meeting: Steve Albertson & Rocky Goshert guests of Sam Whitaker; J Davis Illingworth guest of Art Gakstatter; Jean Reed, Ben Dicke, Tom Sterling, Andy Robinson, Mike Stetzel, & Brandon Springman from Wagon Wheel. Door Greeters: Jeff Neumann & Ed Nord-strom. Prayer was offered by Henry Church. Pledge was given to the American Flag. Promise yourself was said in unison. Birthday Honorees: Ron Donkers, Ron Chambers, Dr Jason Rich, Andy Swi-hart, Bill Landrigan, & Craig Nayrocker. Martin Becker led us with good results.
Prayer List: Gene Groninger’s recovery after re-moval of part of his lung. The cancer did not spread. He has started treatments. Andrew O’Connell is back at work after 6 surgeries. He has one surgery left. Pete O’Connell’s aneurism. Bill Hilliard’s ongoing health. Bill’s test drugs have SHRUNK his tumors. They will evaluate his progress in another month. Beatrice Crum’s recovery from a stroke. She is at Millers Merry Manor, Room 101, PO Box 710, Waka-rusa, IN 46573. Jeff Neumann’s family at the passing of his mother.
Membership: Bart Templeton read Steve Albertson’s 3rd reading & Rocky Goshert’s 2nd reading & Dave Illingworth’s 1st reading. Steve & Rocky are spon-sored by Sam Whitaker. Dave is sponsored by Art Gakstatter.
Safe Assured Golf Outing June 18: Everett Nifong reported we have 20 teams. Last year we had 22. Volunteers are needed.
June 27, Triathlon Chairman Ron Donkers & Luke Becknell reported Jane Greene is chairing the food committee. We all need to help clean up after the race. We have 330 registered so far. We are assem-bling the bags 6/17. Remember to put the 4th Satur-day of June on your calendar every year.
July 1st club meeting will be at the CE Center south of the Wooster Road.
Trace Hansen needs help for the Safe Assured ID enrollments at New Owens from noon to 3pm June 6 & 7. Email Trace at with the time you can work. Trace is also reported 54 enrol-lees at Cardinal Center on 5/26.
No club meeting July 8th.
Board meeting is June 8 at 7pm.
George Paton invited all to a free boat safety class taught by Lyle Enyeart on June 17 thru 19.
President Jim Reeves reported our next Hoote-nanny will be July 29.
Sergeant-at-Arms: Patty Donkers collected happy dollars: Some of our members whose kids won awards are: Bob Jackson, Mitch Goon, Trace Han-sen, Jay Tate, Angie & Kyle Tom. John Sullivan’s grandson pitched a no-hitter. John Burtoft’s 21 year old son is looking for work. Luke Becknell’s son fin-ished1st year of Physical Therapy training. Angie Tom asked for help with the Mentone Egg Festival June 4,5, & 6.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
Matt Hughey – Air Force
Jeff Borens – Army – Iraq
Kris Elliott – Marines – Iraq
Program: Jean Reed from Wagon Wheel intro-duced our program. Brandon Springman sang a song from Joseph & Dreamcoat to Tom Sterling’s piano. Mike Stetzel described the advantages of be-coming a 503c3 non-profit. Ben Dicke described the kid’s programs at WW. Andy Robinson previewed this season: Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, High School Musical, Brigadoon, A Cho-rus Line, Brighton Beach Memoirs, & Nunsense.
Jerry Titus announced our future programs:
6/10 Dave Illingworth Jr.—What’s happening in the car business
6/17 Ron Donkers—Triathlon bags