Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Upcoming Programs:


7/6-Winona Lake Town Happenings/Craig Alebach

7/13-Division of Entomology & Plant Pathology/Eric Biddinger

7/20-Tech Endowment Fund-Eric Sorensen

7/27-Scholastic/Randee Salisbury


Call To Order @ 7:00am.

Invocation by:  David Haines.

Greeters:      Bill Crane &Luke Becknell.

102 Members & Guests:       

  1. Barry Andrew-guest and nephew to Randy Polston.
  2. Vickie Lootens-guest of Jane Wear.
  3. Trish-guest of Jim Smith.

Birthdays:  David Haines, Ricardo Scarlett, Brenda Bricker, Angie Tom and Paul Helstern.  Happy Birthday!


Pam Galloway conducted:

  • 2nd Reading—Vickie Lootens who was sponsored by Jane Wear.
  • 3rd Reading—Tressa Nichols who was sponsored by Pam Galloway.

Program:  Jane Wear and Jay Tate presented about the services and history of Cardinal Services.  Thank you both for sharing and for all of your contributions to our community!  Happy Retirement to Jane Wear as well.  She announced her last day was last Friday, after 40 years of service.  What an accomplishment!

Committee Reports:

  • Golf Outing-despite the fact we were 4 teams down from last year we still raised $9,600.
  • Triathlon-Saturday, June 25th.  Still need volunteers!  Please sign up today!

50/50: Mickey Smethers is this weeks winner!

CEO:  Chris Wiggins was this week’s CEO!  Thanks for you commitment to our community and this club, Chris! 

Sergeants-at-arms:  Tim Hamann entertained us.


  • REMINDER: Next two week we will be at Baker Youth Club (1401 E Smith Street).  Trace Hansen is needing 1-2 people to help with set up on Tuesday afternoon.  Preferably someone with a truck to assist in picking up tables at Warsaw Party Rental.  Please contact Trace at 549-7889 or ASAP!!!
  • Optimists of the Month (May) = Jeff Owens.  Congratulations Jeff!
  • Adam Heckaman, Everett Nifong, Ron & Patty Donkers, Jason Gergely, Alan & Jenny Lucht and Kris Shipley were all recognized for their gallant efforts in running our three main events Optimist events this year.  Because of their dedication and commitment we have raised over $40,000 on these events so far!  Great job everyone!
  • All club members who helped at the Triathlon were applauded for their efforts.  Events like these wouldn’t be successful without the combined efforts and time of most of our club members. 
  • District Meeting will be on August 20th at Das Essenhaus.  Please contact Michele Bickel if you are interested in attending.


  1. Next Week: Winona Lake Happenings/Craig Alebach .
  2. July 6 & 13th our meeting will be held at Baker Youth Club (1401 E Smith Street).
  3. Thank You Guests & Speaker.
  4. Clean your tables, have an optimistic week and a safe Fourth of July weekend.

Quote: “If there’s even a slight chance at getting something that will make you happy, RISK IT.  Life’s too short and happiness is too rare.”  -A.R. Lucas.

Thanks and have an Optimist Week!