Wednesday June 28, 2017

****July 5th and 12th meetings to be held at the Baker Youth Club****

June 28, 2017 

Attendance: 91

Invocation: Luke Bechnell

Greeters: Lyle Enyeart & Adam Heckaman

Guests:   Rachel Polston (wife of Randy Polston), Henry Church (Juergen Voss), Lindsey Anderson (Angie Tom), Eva Grace (Daughter of Trevor Ross) and Paula Deming (Green Earth Multisport)

Birthdays: Mitch Reinholt, Steve Albertson, Paul Helstern, David Haines and Ricardo Scarlett.  Happy Birthday!!


Brooke Hamstra conducted:

1st Reading: Brittany Peterson

2nd Reading:

3rd Reading: Brent Mock

Induction:  None

Program: Winona Lake Town Updates – Craig Allebach and the Greenway Trail Sculptures – Terry White

Committee Reports/Announcements: 

Ron Donkers – Triathlon wrap-up and announced one of the sponsors gave him several of $25 gift certificates; they were left at the entrance table.

Rick Kerlin is sending around an order form for the red Optimist shirts

Max Mock brought everyone’s attention to a flyer on the tables about Alzheimers Disease sponsored by Edward Jones

****July 5th and 12th meetings to be held at the Baker Youth Club****

CEO Report: None

50/50: Jeff Owens wins!!

Sergeants-at-arms: Conducted by Smith and Juergen Voss


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Thank you and have an Optimist week!