Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


  • There is NO meeting on July 2nd.
  • The July 9th meeting will be at Baker Youth Club (765 W Market Street).

Upcoming Events:


6/28 Sat. Triathlon


7/9 Wed. Christon Clark / Habitat for Humanity

7/16 Wed. Mayor Dr. Joe Thallemer / State of the City

7/23 Wed. Warsaw Area Career Center / Ronna Kawsky

7/23 Wed. Cheerleaders

7/30 Wed. Paragon


8/1 Fri. Penguin Point and Optimist Big Wheel Race

8/6 Wed. Boys Soccer

8/8 Fri. Indiana North District Golf Outing

8/8 & 9 Fri. & Sat. Indiana North District Convention at Warsaw

8/13 Wed. Boys Cross Country

8/20 Wed. Boys Tennis


9/3 Wed. Girls Soccer

9/10 Wed. Girls Golf

9/10 Wed. WCHS Athletics / Dave Anson

9/17 Wed. Crystal Heckaman / Rachel’s Challenge – Friends of Rachel



President Everett Nifong led our meeting.


93 Optimists & 4 guests:

  • Scott Reust-Guest of Joel Wihebrink.
  • Chris Gabryluk-Guest of Art Gakstatter.
  • Will Thrasher-Guest of Doug Ogle (son-in-law).
  • Brooke Hamstra-Guest of Rick Kerlin.

Door Greeters: Pam Galloway and Dr. KT Kishan.


Prayer: Fred Nieter led us in prayer.


Pledge was given to the American flag.


Promise yourself was said in unison.


Hail to Optimism was sung in unison.


Birthday Honorees: Steve Albertson and Dr. David Haines.



Mebership Chair Kellie Malcolm conducted:

Initiation by John Sullivan:

  • Scott Reust sponsored by Joel Wihebrink. Welcome to the club Scott, we are so glad to have you be apart of our group!

1st Reading:

  • Will Thrasher-Sponsored by Doug Ogle.

3rd Reading:

  • Chris Cabryluk-Sponsored by Art Gakstatter.
  • Brooke Hamstra-Sponsored by President Elect, Rick Kerlin.


Committee Reports:

  • 7th Annual Golf OutingUPDATE: The event went great and we had 100 players participate. Final number are still being calculated for our fund raising efforts.
  • 21st Annual TriathlonScheduled for Saturday, June 28th at Winona Lake. We will be packing the bags for registered participants today!



  • Make sure you get your quarterly dues paid to Andy Swihart!
  • Indiana North District Convention will be held in Warsaw, Friday & Saturday, August 8th & 9th. We will have a fun Golf Outing on Friday the 8th at Rozella Ford, $35/person. Friday night there will be a dinner and play at the Wagon Wheel. Don’t miss it!



Trina Hoy received a check from our club in the amount of $500 which was presented by Rick Kerlin, for sponsorship of the Big Brother Big Sister Fundraiser to match a Big with a Little. Trina invited us all to attend the fundraiser event on August 2nd called Big Ride. Be sure to get in touch with Trina if you want more information!


Sergeants-at-Arms:Luke Becknell andLyle Enyeart entertained us:

  • $1 Charge-
    • Ron Henry told us a joke about women and guns for $1.
    • Dr. Steven Hollar paid $1 as his son was in the news recently for making Dean’s List at Wheaton College.
    • Don Reinholt was charged $1 for his “lack of census” by sitting next to Merl Heckaman at our club.
    • Sam Whitaker was charged $1 for being in the paper 25 years ago.
    • Jeff Owens paid $1 since he could not name 3 teams that have been eliminated from the World Cup and he is a “futbol fan.”
    • Don Kenipe was charged $1 in hopes that the 50/50 is coming back.
    • Several members paid $1 to acknowledge their child or grandchild receiving an Honor Roll status recently.
  • Happy $1-Several of our Club members are celebrating Wedding Anniversary’s these next few weeks! Congratulations to all!
    • Everett Nifong paid $1 to celebrate his 31st Wedding Anniversary with his lovely bride.
    • Dr. KT Kishan paid $1 to celebrate the 1st Wedding Anniversary for his grandkids.
    • Tracy Furnivall paid $1 to announce 3 weeks ago his 2nd granddaughter arrived.
    • Ann Sweet paid $1 to speak proudly of her granddaughter for participating in our upcoming Triathlon for a second time this year!
    • Jason Rich paid $1 to remind everyone to stop by Cerulean to get an ice cold beer after the Triathlon this Saturday.
    • David Benning paid $1 to announce his 9th Wedding Anniversary is next week.
    • Don Chambers paid $1 to announce his 56th Wedding Anniversary is this Saturday.
    • Ron Henry paid $1 to announce his Life Achievement Award, for being one of the founding fathers that is still living from a group (NACCAP-North America Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals) that was originally started in Arkansas several years back.
    • John Teevan announced he and his wife will be celebrating their 42nd Wedding Anniversary.
    • Mickey Smithers paid $1 to announce his granddaughter is graduating a year early and he is so proud of her!
    • Everett Nifong paid $1 to announce his ticket had the winning football at the Golf Scramble and Fred Nieter was holding his ticket so he won.



Thank you to everyone for helping pack the Triathlon bags today. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!!

Don’t Forget:

  • There is NO meeting on July 2nd.
  • The July 9th meeting will be at Baker Youth Club (765 W Market Street).