Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Upcoming Events:


6/18 Wed. Guy Fisher / Goodwill Career Center

6/19 Thur. Optimist Golf Outing

6/25 Wed. Registration Packets for Triathlon

6/28 Sat. Triathlon


7/2 Wed. Rebecca Bazzoni / Jacobs Ladder

7/9 Wed. Christon Clark / Habitat for Humanity

7/16 Wed. Mayor Dr. Joe Thallemer / State of the City

7/23 Wed. Warsaw Area Career Center / Ronna Kawsky

7/23 Wed. Cheerleaders

7/30 Wed. Paragon


8/1 Fri. Penguin Point and Optimist Big Wheel Race

8/6 Wed. Boys Soccer

8/8 Fri. Indiana North District Golf Outing

8/8 & 9 Fri. & Sat. Indiana North District Convention at Warsaw

8/13 Wed. Boys Cross Country

8/20 Wed. Boys Tennis


9/3 Wed. Girls Soccer

9/10 Wed. Girls Golf

9/10 Wed. WCHS Athletics / Dave Anson

9/17 Wed. Crystal Heckaman / Rachel’s Challenge – Friends of Rachel


President Everett Nifong led our meeting.

93 Optimists & 7 guests:

  • Chris Gabryluk-Guest of Art Gakstatter
  • Ryan Goon-Guest of Trace Hansen
  • Kyle Showley-Guest of George Paton
  • Cherish Paris-Guest of Gary Tanner
  • Emily Williamson-Guest of Gina Voelz
  • Scott Reust-Guest of Joel Wihebrink
  • Brooke Hamstra-Guest of Rick Kerlin

Door Greeters: Merl Heckaman & Don Reinholt. Congratulations to Don and Carla for the announcement of their first great-granddaughter to be arriving later this year (After 13 great-grandsons)!

Prayer: Tony Ciriello led us in prayer.

Pledge was given to the American flag.

Promise yourself was said in unison.

Hail to Optimism was sung in unison.

Birthday Honoree: Mike Cusick.


Mebership Chair Kellie Malcolm conducted:

1st Reading:

  • Brooke Hamstra-Sponsored by President Elect Rick Kerlin.
  • Chris Gabyluk-Sponsored by Art Gakstatter.

2nd Reading:

  • Scott Reust-Sponsored by Joel Wihelbrink.


Jenny & Alan Lucht & Art Gakstatter are holding an important meeting today after our club meeting today to review this year’s Cruise-In for possible tweaks next year.

John Sullivan reported our Indiana North District Convention will be in Warsaw, Friday & Saturday, August 8th and 9th. There will be a fun Golf Outing on Friday the 8th and there will be a miniature golf outing at Paige’s Crossing.


  • Make sure you get your quarterly dues paid to Andy Swihart.
  • There will NOT be a meeting July 2nd.
  • The July 9th meeting will be at Baker Youth Club (765 W Market Street)

Sergeants-at-Arms:Luke Becknell, Trace Hansen, and Lyle Enyeart entertained us. The editor for the newsletter will do a better job taking notes next meeting to elaborate more on this section!


Kyle Garberson from MudLOVE spoke about the company’s story. It was first established in September of 2009 by Luke Wright who felt a calling to start a business that wasn’t about him. In an attempt to deny self, MudLOVE was built on the idea of giving back. Starting with nothing more than an old stamp set, a box of clay, and an unadvised business plan of giving 20% of all sales to clean drinking water projects in Africa, MudLOVE was born, and God-inspired creations emerged. The hope of MudLOVE is to be an inspiration to people, not just proving Africans with clean water, but also encouraging and loving broken people. What one may lack in clean water, another may lack in love. Make sure you stop by their store to learn more!

For more information contact:


122 S Buffalo Street

Warsaw, IN 46580

Open from 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday

(574) 306-2746

Presenter: Kyle Garberson’s email: