Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Upcoming Programs:


6/8-Avionics Class/WCHS Eric Coburn

6/15-Warsaw Rugby Club/Trevor Cracknel & Mark Maruso

6/22-Triathlon Bags

6/29-Working on…


7/6-Winona Lake Town Happenings/Craig Alebach

7/13-Working on…

7/20-Tech Endowment Fund-Eric Sorensen

7/27-Scholastic/Randee Salisbury


Call To Order @ 7:00am.

Invocation by:  Max Mock.

Greeters:      Doug Baumgardner & Chad Zaucha.

95 Members & Guests:       

  1. London Smith-guest and grandson of Randy Polston.
  2. Willa Henry-guest and wife of Ron Henry.
  3. Dawnna Plummer-guest of Trina Hoy.
  4. Zach Smith-guest and son of Jim Smith.
  5. Brandon Penrod-guest of John Elliott.
  6. Tressa Nichols-guest of Pam Galloway.

Birthdays:  Millie Andrews, Dave Wolkins and Jay Tate.  Happy Birthday!


Pam Galloway conducted:

1st Reading—Brandon Penrod-sponsored by John Elliott.

2nd Reading—Tressa Nichols-sponsored by Pam Galloway.

3rd Reading—Paul Helstern-sponsored by Brian Brauchla.

Program:  Craig Allebach & Mayor Thallemer joined forces this morning to update everyone on the Stellar Communities projects that Warsaw and Winona Lake are collaborating on for our community.  For more information like and share their Facebook Page:

Committee Reports:

  • Golf Outing-Thursday, June 16th.  Still need teams, sponsors and volunteers!
  • Triathlon-Saturday, June 25th.  Still need volunteers!

Everett Nifong-Golf Outing announced they need T-Sponsors and volunteers. 


  • Jim Reeve on behalf of the Scouts Pack #3736 donated $100 back to Optimist for all we do for the Youth in our Community!

Sheriffs Report:  None this morning.

CEO Report:  Jen Kerns announced John Sullivan this morning.  Thank you for ALL you do for our club John!

50/50: Joe Wilkey won this morning!  


None this morning.


  1. Next Week:  WCHS Avionics/Eric Coburn.
  2. Thank You Guests & Speaker.
  3. Clean your tables, have an optimistic week.

Quote: “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.”   -Unknown.

Thanks and have an Optimist Week!