Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Future Dates
7/25 Cardinal Center Duck Race
7/29 Hootenanny
8/8 Big Wheel Race
8/5 Bruno (soldier from Iraq)
8/12 Dr Hintz, Warsaw Com Schools
8/26 Thomas Snyder, Pres. of Ivy Tech
67 Optimists & 9 guests attended our meeting: Kyla Wood & Sylvia Aguirre guests of Trina Hoy; Logan Waddle guest of Steve Albertson; Kristin Quick & Kyle Quick guests of Bill Landrigan; Curtis Stave-dahl guest of Trace Hansen; Gretel Peters, Kamden Tom & Keegan Tom guests of Angie Tom.
Door Greeters: Jeff Owens & Ed Nordstrom. Prayer was offered by Dr. Joe Thallemer. Pledge was given to the American Flag. Promise yourself was said in unison. Birthday Honorees: Mary Ellen Jordan, Kristin Quick, & Jeff Owens. Dr. David Haines led us with the usual results.
Prayer List: Gene Groninger’s recovery after re-moval of part of his lung. The cancer did not spread. He has started treatments. Andrew O’Connell is back at work after 6 surgeries. He has one surgery left. Bill Hilliard’s ongoing health. They will evaluate drugs in a couple weeks. Beatrice Crum’s recovery from a stroke. She is at Millers Merry Manor, Room 101, PO Box 710, Wakarusa, IN 46573. Bruce Woodward is recovering from being hit by a car.
Jane Greene invited us to the July 25 Duck Race at The Village at Winona. Around 1/4 of the ducks sold are purchased by service clubs. Good Work! Last year 8800 were sold.
Dave Meier announced the Big Wheel Race will be August 8 at 9am on Center Street just east of the Courthouse. Sign up to help. Penguin Point donates the prizes.
Everett Nifong reported our final profit on the Safe Assured Golf Outing was $7,787! Phenomenal!
President Jim Reeve read awards to Sam Whitaker & Art Gakstatter for sponsoring new members.
Past President Jeff Owens led us as we approved Sam Whitaker as president next year and Jeff Neu-mann as president-elect next year. We have a great future ahead of us with these leaders.
Dr. Jason Rich asked us to check our directory en-tries for out dated information.
President Jim Reeve reminded us to enter our Hoo-tenanny next week. Prepare to sing or play your favorite cowboy song. It could be a song you want to publish or one already out there.
Sergeant-at-Arms: Patty Donkers, Nancy Boston, entertained us as they collected money: Harry Gig-ous was first out of the gate waiving his happy $ at the arrival of his 2nd granddaughter. Harry has 6 grandchildren. Bill Landrigan is bursting with pride as he remembered the many awards and offices his grandchildren, Kristin Quick & Kyle Quick, have won. Trace Hansen presented a plaque to the club. The plaque was won by the soccer team we sponsored. Lyle Enyeart was happy Sam Whitaker has been elected to an office.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
Lt. Luis Urban – Navy – Chaplain
Major Mark Penfold – Army – Chaplain
Shelby Howard the driver for ML Motorsports # 70 Foretravel Chevy entertained and educated us about the Nationwide series of NASCAR. They are happy to be racing in Indy this weekend. Shelby stressed the value of teamwork in racing. He said the team is 80% of success & the driver is 20%. Shelby is a Greenwood, Indiana resident and sells trucks at a MAC Volvo dealership in the off season. It takes a lot of sponsors to get the money to be successful in racing. A Nationwide team costs $4 million a year and Cup team costs $20 million. We were im-pressed with Mr. Howard’s polite approachable de-meanor.
Jerry Titus announced our future programs:
7/29 Wagon Wheel Kids & our cowboy song Hoote-nanny.
8/5 Bruno (soldier from Iraq)
8/12 Dr Hintz, superintendent of Warsaw Com. Schools