Wednesday July 19, 2017

Invocation: Ken Anderson


Birthdays: Yolonda Hedington, Jason Gergley and Doug Ogle  – Happy Birthday!


Brooke Hamstra conducted:

1st Reading:

2nd Reading:

3rd Reading: Rachel Polston, Henry Church

Induction by Everett Nifong:  Brittany Peterson (Sponsored by Ot Schroeder)

Program: Lyn Crighton of the Watershed Foundation

Committee Reports/Announcements: 

New Member Orientation to be held July 26th at Shriners Building see Brooke Hamstra for details

The following members were recognized for sponsoring a New Member since October of last year:

1 Member:
Joel Wihebrink
Trina Hoy
Scott Reust
James Smith
Michele Bickel
Chris Mahan
Jeff Owens
Everett Nifong
David Haines
Dave Meijer
George Paton
Randy Polston
Max Mock
It Schroeder
Juergen Voss
Brooke Hamstra

2 Members: Erica Elliott (who also just joined since last October)

3 Members: Travis McConnell

CEO Report: None


Sergeants-at-arms: Conducted by Travis McConnell, Jim Smith and Juergen Voss


  1. Please remember to be polite while others are speaking.
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  3. My apologies on missing information I was out on vacation the last two weeks of July!

Thank you and have an Optimist week!