Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Upcoming Events:


7/23 Wed. Warsaw Area Career Center / Ronna Kawsky

7/23 Wed. Cheerleaders

7/30 Wed. Paragon


8/1 Fri. Penguin Point and Optimist Big Wheel Race

8/6 Wed. Boys Soccer

8/8 Fri. Indiana North District Golf Outing

8/8 & 9 Fri. & Sat. Indiana North District Convention at Warsaw

8/13 Wed. Boys Cross Country

8/20 Wed. Boys Tennis


9/3 Wed. Girls Soccer

9/10 Wed. Girls Golf

9/10 Wed. WCHS Athletics / Dave Anson

9/17 Wed. Crystal Heckaman / Rachel’s Challenge – Friends of Rachel


President Everett Nifong led our meeting.

75 Optimists & 4 guests:

  • Joe Wood-Guest of Fred Neiter.

  • Chris Gabryluk-Guest of Art Gakstatter.

  • Dave Taylor-Guest of Kelly.

  • Chris Zolman-Guest of Rick Kerlin.

Door Greeters: Ann Sweet & Lori Shotz.

Prayer: Ron Henry.

Pledge was given to the American flag.

Promise yourself was said in unison.

Hail to Optimism was sung in unison.

Birthday Honorees: Denny Strain, Yolanda Hedington & Douglas Ogle.


President, Everett Nifong conducted:

3rd Reading:

  • Joe Wood-Sponsored by Fred Neiter.

Committee Reports:

  • 21st Annual Triathlon

    Ron Donkers requested all Triathlon materials (shirts, signs, etc.) to him as soon as possible. Please submit any outstanding funds to Andy Swihart as well.


  • 34th Annual Championship Big Wheel Race will be held on Friday, August 1st. Registration is at 5:45pm and the race begins at 7pm. Please see David Meier for more information.

  • The 2014-2015 Optimist Directory will underway soon. New pictures will be taken Aug. 6th-Sept 3rd. Ads are due by September 10th. Update Member Information deadline is Sept. 17th. Committee & Project info due by Sept. 17th. Please see Dr. Jason Rich and Jim Hayes for more information.

  • Our Optimist Singers will start up again on August 13th.

  • Indiana North District Convention will be held in Warsaw, Friday & Saturday, August 8th & 9th. Get with Michele Bickel today as registration for the District meeting will end July 15th.


Lance Leaper and Terry Wood from Warsaw Little League received a check from our club in the amount of $700 which was presented by Don Reinholt. Our contribution helped with advertisement for the park and also paid for two teams.

Sergeants-at-Arms: Lyle Enyeart and Trace Hansen entertained us:

  • $1 Charge-

    • Anyone leaving early.

    • Craig Nayrocker for the Replublican Booth leaving early (Friday) at the 2014 Kosciusko County Fair.

    • Dave Turner for the First Christian Church also leaving the Fair early.

    • Art Gakstatter for Car Collector’s Day (Saturday).

  • Happy $1-

    • Fred Neither’s grandson got married last week.

    • Dr. David Haines’s granddaugther is in the chorus at Fiddler on the Roof at the Wagon Wheel.

    • Gina Voelz was happy that Judge Joe Sutton helped her “lasso” a tree that was damaged in her back yard.

    • President, Everett Nifong gave two happy $1’s for his 2 month old grandson and his 2 year old granddaughter for birthday celebrations.

    • Lyle Enyeart is happy that his daughter and 2 grandson’s are here visiting from California for a month.

    • John Elliot’s grandson is 12 days old.

    • Jim Bricker announced his Michigan wedding on July 4th.

    • Juergen Voss was happy for the Lake City Skiers for accomplishing a three high triple pyramid.

    • Jenny Lutcht added that she had 3 grandchildren in the Lake City Skiers group.

50/50: We are back up and running 50/50 again, Michele Bickel was today’s winner!


Dr. Joe Thallemer, Mayor of Warsaw, presented about Economic Development within our community. He touched on three main components for a thriving community: Livibility, Attractive & Well Run. He discussed the recent $1.8 Federal Grant that was given to update and improve Market Street. It will be resurfaced, widened and bike paths will be added. Mayor Thallemer emphasized how it takes a team of people to accomplish greatness and he recognized several peoples efforts. Clearly our community has a multitude of projects and improvements going on!

For more information contact:

Mayor’s Office

102 S Buffalo Street

Warsaw, IN 46580

(574) 372-9595