Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Upcoming Events:


7/22-WACC/Ronna Kawsky (Back at the Shrine Building)

7/29-Lakes and Streams/Nate Bosch


8/5-Mindfulness/Max Sherman

8/12-AWL/Darla M.


President Rick Kerlin led our meeting.

86 Optimists & guests:

  • Paul & Lauren Slagle-guests of George Brennan.
  • McKenzie Cloutier-guest of George Brennan.
  • Austin Donovan-guest of Trace Hansen.
  • Davy & Rhonda Troxel-guest of Fred Nieter.
  • Chris Zolman-guest of Rick Kerlin.
  • Carson Kerlin-guest (son) of Rick Kerlin.

Door Greeters:  Ann Sweet & Ron Donkers.

Prayer:  David Haines.

Pledge was given to the American flag.  

Promise yourself was said in unison.

Hail to Optimism was sung in unison. 

Birthday Honorees:  Happy Birthday to Carson Kerlin!

Check Presentation: 

  • Bruce Hansen presented a $500 check to Trina Hoy for Big Brothers Big Sisters.
    • Trina had flyers out for the 4th Annual Big Ride for Kids Sake on Saturday, August 1st that departs at 11am. Contact Trina for more information!
  • George Brennan and Kyle Tom presented a check to McKenzie Cloutier of Kosciusko County CASA in the amount of $500.
    • McKenzie had magnets for their 11/14/15 CASAblanca event-14th Annual Holiday Festival and also mentioned their 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament will be held on July 25th. $60 for a team and games start at 9am. You can register at 

Committee Reports:

  • Art in the Park-Gina Voelz would like to have another person Co-Chair the event with her. Let her know if you are interested. 


None this morning.

CEO Report: 

Jen Pyle announced-Art Gakstatter.

Member since October 13, 1993 and was sponsored by John Elliot.

His wife is Cookie (Carolyn).


Children-Allison, Angie Tom, & Andee Tilden.

Grandchildren-1 Girl and 7 Boys.

Pets-3 dogs (2 yorkies and 1 canine terrior).

City of residence-Winona Lake 41 years.

Occupation-Mostly retired, sold his business and has some rental properties.

Hobbies-Collect cars, boats, golf carts, memorabilia. 

Burning Desire-No comment, to be CEO of week.

Key to Success-Hard work, surround yourself with smart people.

Honors-Optimist of the year (twice).

Something nobody know-He lost his Optimist badge this month.

Favorite Optimist Memory-When a former Optimist Member, Dan Woods, kissed a pig!

Thank you for sharing Art!  We appreciate ALL you have done and ALL that you do for the club!


  • Indiana North District Convention is August 7th & 8th and it will be right here in our own backyard at the Wyndam Gardens. We are the host club with John Sullivan organizing.  Be sure to SAVE THE DATE! 
  • Ron Chambers announced a Club visitation to Rochester on July 20th meet at Rozella Ford parking lot at 6am!
  • 35th Annual Big Wheel Race will be held on Friday, August 7th @ 7pm.
  • Ron Donkers needs a few people to help replace a park bench that was removed for the Triathlon. Contact him if you are available this Saturday, July 18th.
  • Board meeting next month will be held on Monday 8/17/15 @ 5:30pm.
  • Next week’s meeting will be back at the Shrine Building!

Sheriff’s Report:

Bill gave a report.

50/50:  Art Gakstatter was today’s winner of the $106 pot!

Videos:  None.   

Sergeants-at-Arms:  Jeff, Bob & Steve entertained us:

  • $1 Fine:
    • Kyle Tom-welcome back to club…we’ve had a lot of rain.
    • Ann Sweet-Jeff Owens declared a new drinking game every time Ann says “Kobe Bryant” everyone in the club needs to drink something.
  • 5 Questions:
    • Sam Whitaker (Fair)
  • Were you in 4H?
  • Did you ever play BINGO at the fair?
  • Funnel cake/Elephant ear? Funnel cake.
  • Did you ever attend the fair when it was downtown?
  • Did you ever make out on the top of the Ferris wheel?
  • $Optimistic $1:
    • Ann Sweet, promoting Feed My Starving Children event that will be held on Oct. 14th.
    • Travis McConnell asked for prayers for his grandfather, Ed Hoffman.


Davy Troxel shared his passion for the Civil War and artifacts from that time.  He showed us several of the items in his collection ranging from uniforms, weapons, and accessories soldiers carried on the battlefield.  Thank you for presenting Davy!


  • Invite a Guest.
  • Clean up tables.

Next Week’s Program:  WACC – Ronna Kawsky.

Quote:  “Optimism will grow like a flower if the soil be properly prepared.”  -Arthur Lync.

Have a very Optimist Week!