Wednesday, July 1, 2009

55 Optimists & 4 guests attended our meeting at the Russell Center at CE National: Doug Enyeart guest of Lyle Enyeart, Joshua Wihebrink guest of Joel Wi-hebrink, Rod Miller guest of John Sullivan, Michelle Boxell guest of George Brennan.
Door Greeters: Trina Hoy & Ron Chambers.
Prayer was offered by Pete Gano.
Pledge was given to the American Flag.
Promise yourself was said in unison.
Birthday Honoree: Angie Tom. Martin Becker led us with good acoustical results.
Prayer List: Gene Groninger’s recovery after re-moval of part of his lung. The cancer did not spread. He has started treatments. Andrew O’Connell is back at work after 6 surgeries. He has one surgery left. Bill Hilliard’s ongoing health. They will evaluate drugs in a couple weeks. Beatrice Crum’s recovery from a stroke. She is at Millers Merry Manor, Room 101, PO Box 710, Wakarusa, IN 46573. Bruce Woodward is recovering from being hit by a car.
Triathlon Chairman Ron Donkers & Luke Becknell thanked everyone for their hard work to make this year’s race a success. Several of our members raced. This helps us with money & their perspective. Please turn your bills in to Jennifer Dorman for any expenses, so we can get the net profit figure. Jim Hayes was honored for the many hours he spends entering each participant into the system. If you have any pictures of this year’s race, please give a copy to Jim Hayes for our overhead slides. Remember to put the 4th Saturday of June on your calendar next year.
Michelle Boxell from Cardinal Center reminded us we only have 2 more meetings before the July 25 Duck Race at The Village at Winona. This year the Noon Optimist Club will be on our team. Around 1/4 of the ducks sold are purchased by service clubs. Good Work! Last year 8800 were sold. 10k is this year’s goal.
Pres Jim Reeve asked us to tell a board member our ideas for new projects to replace Christmas Tree sales.
President Jim Reeve reminded all of the Board Meeting on July 13th at 7pm.
President Jim Reeves reported our next Hoote-nanny will be July 29. Prepare to sing or play your favorite cowboy song.
Angie Tom is looking for help for Winona Lake’s 4th of July: monitoring blow up games, volunteer sign up, cutie contest, & car show judging. Angie’s num-ber is 268-9098.
Sergeant-at-Arms: Patty Donkers collected a happy dollar: Tracy Furnival hit a hole in one! John Barrett was a good sport and tried to present the other party’s side to last week’s program.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
Capt. Bill Graham – Army 101st Airborne – Iraq – Chaplain
Jeff Mason – Army – Chaplain
Capt. Jeff Wirick – Army – Afghanistan – Chaplain
Program: Merl Heckaman & Bill Landrigan enter-tained us with Bingo! Our winners were: Patty Donkers, Ken Anderson, John Barrett, Everett Ni-fong, Juergen Voss, Sam Whitaker, & Luke Becknell. Some who came close to winning were: Angie Tom, John Elliott, & Ed Nordstrom.
Jerry Titus announced our future programs:
7/8 no meeting
7/15 Mike Martin
7/22 Shelby Howard ML Motorsports driver @ our meeting AND Kyle Busch @ Toyota of Warsaw from 5 to 7pm also on 7/22.
7/29 Wagon Wheel Kids & our cowboy song Hoote-nanny.