Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Call to Order

Invocation – Rachael Polston

Pledge of Allegiance

Optimist Creed

Optimist Song

Greeters Dave Taylor and Charlie Waggoner

Guests Josh Witt, John Wesley, Officers of the Octagon Club, Scott Clay, Josh Craft

Membership – Joey Hickerson First reading for Josh Witt

Birthday, Brooke Hamstra, Mark Terrell

Committee Reports – Eighty – one days to the car show; Wednesday March 19, the Quiz Bowl will be held, Morning Optimist will have four tables at the Quiz Bowl; Tri Star event was held on Sunday, February 24.

50/50 – Frank Grose, Thirty-Six Dollars, Won by John Elliott

Sergeants – An Egg Race was conducted by with Joel Wihebrink, Jim Kessler, Joe Claypool, Adam Heckaman, Bill Katip, Troy Akers, Brooke Hamstra, Josh Gordon.

Program: Which Came First Chicken or Egg Presented by Josh Crabb, Operations Manager for Creighton Brothers. Creighton Brothers was established in 1925. The operation began as a hog operation, the hogs were not profitable and immediately moved over to producing hens and eggs. Creighton Brothers is the fourth largest egg producer in Indiana. They are a local company with a global impact. Eggs are shipped all over the world.