Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Attendance: 93

Greeters: Doug Blatz, Rick Kerlin

New member Stephen Kays with Tony Ciriello and Sponsor Simon Stone

Invocation: Bill Landrigan

Guests (Hosts): Stephen Kays (Simon Stone), Bill Lawrence (Rob Edling)

Membership: Joey Hickerson introduced Past President, Tony Ciriello, for the induction of new members.

Induction:  Welcome to our newest member, Stephen Kays, sponsored by Simon Stone.

Honor Club Announcement: President Steve Hollar announced the Warsaw Breakfast Optimist Club was selected as a 2017 Honor Club by Optimist International.  Past President, Tony Ciriello, was given a citation from the Optimist International President. In addition, a former governor personally donated $100 to the club in recognition of the award.

Birthdays: Tracy Furnivall, Ivan Schuler, John Kirkpatrick, Kris Shipley, Bret Wolf, David Meier, Brooke Hamstra

Past President Tony Ciriello receiving Honor Club Citation with President Steve Hollar

Student of the Week: Postponed due to school delay


Joey Hickerson announced a membership drive providing business cards to club members they can use to invite new people. Over the next 3 weeks, he will be running a contest to see who can recruit the most new members.

Harry Gigous reported Owens sent a $445 check to the club for the use of our stands and set up service for their Christmas tree sales.

Tri-Star Basketball Tournament took place last Sunday with almost as many volunteers as participants. Club members who volunteered were asked to stand and be recognized.

Jennifer Dorman reported the zone meeting took place last week. She asked club members to consider attending upcoming zone and district meetings as we may be able to help struggling clubs in other areas by sharing our experience.

Mark your calendars for the Warsaw Breakfast Optimist Club 60th Birthday Bash – September 26th! The celebration will be on a Wednesday night and will take the place of our regular morning meeting that day. George Brennan was our photo of the day.

Sheriff’s Report: Bill Landrigan conducted

Sergeants-at-Arms: Jeff Owens, Gina Voelz, Brook Hamstra – Highlights included Jeff Owens playing “Bibles or Basketball” asking David Cates when was the first Indiana state basketball tourney. His guess – 1914 vs the answer – 1911. David Haines was asked in what year was the last single class tourney. His guess – 1998 vs the answer – 1997. Jason Gergely was fined for coming in second at Dancing at the Stars for Charity.

CEO: Brittany Petersen interviewed David Grant. David, originally from Detroit, came to the area in 1999 to attend Grace where he met his wife. David is the Director, Marketing & Sales, for Creative Technology. David shared that growing up he wanted to become a missionary and a brain surgeon.

50/50: $98 with $49 going to the winner Doug Blatz

Sheriff’s Report: Bill Landrigan

S.W.A.T. Commander Lt. Don Wiesehan

Program: Kosciusko County S.W.A.T. presented by S.W.A.T. Commander Lt. Don Wiesehan

  • The S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics) was established in 1995
  • There are 11 members on the team who also perform regular patrol duties
  • The team does four hours of training a month including firearms, defensive tactics, building tactics, use of special tools and munitions, etc.
  • The team is usually deployed 6-8 times per year for various situations but that number is rising.
  • Some of the types of situations they are trained to handle include: hot warrant service, hostage rescue and negotiation, standoffs, active shooter situations, high-risk transport, VIP security, and rally security.
  • “The main focus of the team is to save lives, not take lives.”

Next Week’s Program: Fort Wayne Tincaps