Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Attendance: 71

Invocation: Jenny Lucht

Greeters: George Brennan

Guests: Karin Hamilton (Jeugen Voss), Delaney Wihebrink (Joel Wihebrink), Scott Clay (Jeff Owens), Josh Gill (Bill Crane), Tammy Stackhouse

Birthdays: Alan Lucht, Adam Heckman, Lyle Enyeart

Announcements: 1) Rob Bishop announced that the WBOC was recognized at the 212 Media Studios annual luncheon. 2) TriStar basketball is coming up Sunday February 24. Contact Chris Wiggins for more details. 3) Doc Haines said there will be a murder mystery at the Wagon Wheel Theater February 22 and 23. Glen Hall is starring.

50/50(Kristin Farwell):Trace Hansen won!

Sergeants: Mitch Goon, Paul Heaton and Brittany Lyon entertained us. We had a Valentine’s archery contest; Ken Anderson did the best.

Membership (Joey Hickerson): 1st reading: Paul Finley (Heather Smith), 3rd reading: Karin Hamilton (Jeurgen Voss)

Program: Tammy Stackhouse with Magical Meadows was our speaker. Magical Meadows provides therapeutic horseback riding for special needs adults and children (with physical and/or cognitive disabilities). This includes children with autism and other disabilities, and veterans. Tammy emphasized the healing nature of horseback riding. They have partnered with all the schools in Kosciusko County. Among other examples, she talked about Pierceton Woods where young children “have committed horrible things,” who benefit from a relationship with a horse. She said they find purpose taking care of horses. She said veterans connect with horses and find inner peace. Their new theme this year is “How nature can heal you in so many ways.” The volunteers at Magical Meadows connect not only with the patient, but with the entire family entity. Tammy said if you come to Magical Meadows “I promise you will walk away with a smile on your face!” For more information please go to

IMPORTANT DATES: Car Show, Sunday May 19; Triathlon, Saturday June 22, and Golf Outing Monday September 9. Please mark your calendars!