Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Past President Joel Wihebrink led our meeting. 

Guests in Attendance: 

    Nate Pearl-guest of Marv Miller

    Evan Miller-son of Marv Miller

    Ivan Schuler-guest of Bob Ibach; Ivan is turning in an application.

Door Greeters: Trace Hansen & Troy Tom 

Prayer: Ken Anderson

Pledge was given to the American flag. 

Promise yourself was said in unison. 

Hail to Optimism was sung in unison

Birthday Honorees: Bob Ibach, Happy Birthday!!

Check Presentation: None this morning. 


Past President Joel Wihebrink conducted.

   Second Reading for: Greg Rauen

CEO Report (Club Essential Optimists):

Past President Joel Wihebrink asked Ron Chambers to share:

Ron was born in Indianapolis and worked in his family’s business (now owned by his son).  He loves to travel and has been to all 7 continents!  He is married, has 3 children and 4 grandkids.  He has been an Optimist since 1965 and  joined our club 8 years ago.  Ron, thanks for being such an ESSENTIAL member of our club!  

Committee Reports:

Santa House had another wonderful year.  Thanks to Jane Wear for her organization of this wonderful event for our community!  And thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who help to make it possible!


Doug Baumgardner will be Assistant Treasurer.  

Please add to your safe sender email list!

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50/50:  None this morning.

Video:  None. 


“Sergeants for the Day” Trace Hansen, Sam Whitaker, and George Brennan entertained us: 

$1 Charge:

Ron  Chambers, for going to Florida and sharing a ‘lot’.

George Brennan gave $1 for Fred’s Czar joke.

Don Kenipe for taking all of our dollars all year.

David Benning for traveling the furthest over the holiday.  He went to Macon, GA.

The law enforcement table was fined since no one sat with them.

Merl told a joke about a man from India, a lawyer, a Jewish man, a cow and a pig…not sure who paid for that one!  

Optimistic $1:

Lyle Enyeart for his upcoming 6 week trip to Florida.  He said he wouldn’t miss us.  🙁


Bill Landrigan and Merl Heckaman served as our auctioneers for the White Elephant Gift Auction.  Bill even sang the auctioneer song for us!  Thanks guys!  It was of course a great time!  Some of the gifts I caught included: a wig (modeled for us by a number of men), a ‘Hump Day’ shirt, magic 8 ball, records, redneck wine glasses, lots of ‘could be fudge or candy’ items, and a jumping creature from Merl’s yard.  The initial tally was $170 was raised!  Thanks all!


  • Clean up tables.
  • Invite a Guest.
  • Quote of the week: “Don’t be stupid.  And if you’re gonna be stupid, you better be tough.” -Joel’s high school gym teacher

Have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Best wishes for an optimistic start to 2015!