Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Attendance: 65

Greeters: Ken Anderson

Invocation:  Tim Hamann

Guests: Kristine Sommers (Dirk Sommers), Boy Scouts  – Eric, Christopher and Victor, Christopher DeGroff, David Betz, Mark Marley (Rick Kerlin)

Birthdays: Jim Kessler, Tim Hamann, Greg Rauen, Trevor Ross, John Ames, Bob Ibach

50/50:  $63 – $31.50 to winner Gina Voelz who donated the money back to the club

Membership: No readings – next week Mark Marley will be inducted

Committee Reports/Announcements: 

Travis McConnell suggested that, since the new tax law increased the standard deduction, more dollars could be donated to the club this year.

Santa House – Andrew O’Connell reported we are done for the year after a successful season.

Program:  Sergeants assisted with the annual White Elephant Auction. $571 total was raised.

Next Week’s Program: Warsaw’s New Fire Station – presentation by Mike Wilson