Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Upcoming Events:


12/30-White Elephant Auction


1/6-Magical Meadows/Tammy

1/13-Indiana Bi-Centennial/Diana Wulliman

1/20-WCS Middle School Orchestra/Carolyn Stalcup

1/27-Lakeland Youth Chorale


2/3-History of Basketball/Jim Kessler

2/10-YEA!/Jennifer Pyle & Andrea Reed

2/17-WISE/Brooke Hamstra & Chris Mahan

2/24-The Trailhouse


President, Trace Hansen, led our meeting.

87 Optimists & guests:

  • Judy Becker-guest and wife of Marty Becker.
  • Betsy Voss-guest and wife of Juergen Voss.
  • Cleva Benning-guest and wife of David Benning.
  • Ethel Anderson-guest of Doc Haines.
  • Ben and Claire Reust-guest and children of Scot Reust.
  • DJ and Ashley Bricker-guest and children of Jim & Brenda Bricker.
  • Daren Maierle-guest of Dave Turner.
  • Jennifer Cullins-guest of Bill Crane.
  • Jordan Hansen-guest and grandson of Bruce Hansen (son of Trace Hansen).
  • Cory-guest of Kyle Dukes.
  • Emily Bishop-guest and wife of Larry Bishop.
  • Barbara Gigous-guest and wife of Harry Gigous.
  • Melissa Ogle-guest and wife of Doug Ogle.
  • Nancy McGlothin-guest and wife of Steve McGlothin.
  • Gerald and Sherry Smalley-guests and neighbors of David Meier.
  • Jacqueline and Aleasha–guests and wife and daughter of David Meier.

Door Greeters:  Same Whitaker & Frank Grose.

Prayer:  Ron Henry.

Pledge was given to the American flag.  

Promise yourself was said in unison.

Hail to Optimism was sung in unison. 

Birthday Honorees:  Happy Birthday to Tim Hamman, Jim Kessler, Jerry Titus, Chad Zaucha and John Ames!

Check Presentation:  Gina Voelz presented a check to Jennifer Pyle in the amount of $500 for YEA! (Young Entrepreneurs Academy) on behalf of our club.  


Pam Galloway conducted:

  • 2nd Reading:
    • Josh Finch-sponsored by Tony Ciriello
  • 3rd Reading:
    • Trevor Ross-sponsored by John Elliott.
    • Darren Meier-sponsored by Dave Turner.

Rick Kerlin inducted:

  • Jeffrey Serveis-sponsored by John Kirkpatrick. Welcome to the club Jeffrey!

CEO Report:

Jennifer Pyle announced-Dr. Jason Rich.

Member since-November 2001.


Anniversary-August 21, 1999.

Children-(4) Ava, Porter, Cassie and Tessa.



City of residence-Around Claypool for 14 years.

Occupation-Optometrist at the Spectacle Shoppe.


Burning Desire-to have four kids graduate from IU.

Key to Success-Positive attitude.

Honors-being the Secretary for Ron Donkers and Jim Nesbitt when they were Optimist Presidents.

Something nobody know-He loves the music of the 1940’s.

Favorite Optimist Memory-Selling Christmas trees with Josh Gordon and Charles Neuwirth and enjoying his home made libations in a freezing trailer.  There may have been another Christmas Tree story involving a pine cone, as well, be sure to ask him about it.  Thank you Jason!  We appreciate your dedication and ALL you do for the club!

November Optimist of the Month: None this week. 

Committee Reports:

  • Santa House-Andrew O’Connell was proud to say they had a great turnout this year! He shared a special story involving one of the Santa’s (Mickey Smethers) where he went to visit a girl in Mentone since she couldn’t make it to the Santa House.  
  • Announcements:
  • District meeting on January 23rd at Ivy Tech in Fort Wayne.
  • Mobile Meals needs help with January deliveries. Call Jamie at 267-2012. 

Sheriff’s Report:  None this week.

50/50:  Art Gakstatter was today’s winner!

Videos:  Solders Silent Night was played. 

Sergeants-at-Arms:   None today.


We had a fantastic performance by our amazing Optimist Singers this morning!  They performed, got the crowd involved and blessed us all with their talents!  Thank you for presenting to us this morning, you did a GREAT job!


  • Invite a guest next week.
  • Clean up tables.

Next Week’s Program: White Elephant Auction, don’t forget your gift!

  • Quote: “They err who thinks Santa Claus comes down through the chimney; he really enters through the heart.”  -Unknown Author.

Have a Merry Christmas and an Optimist week!