Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011

Future Dates 

12/16-18 Santa House

12/21 Optimist Singers

12/28 White Elephant auction

01/04 Joe Thallemer – State of the City

01/04 Planning meeting for Car Show

01/11 Doris Thompson – Disney

01/18 Carol Ousley – KREMC

01/25 David Floyd – CEO Orthoworx

02/01 Dave Wolkins – Statehouse news

02/08 Jim Reeve – Roy Rogers  

Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011

81 Optimists & 6 guests attended our meeting.  Steve Miller was the guest of Rick Kerlin; Rod Miller was the guest of John Sullivan; Roy Guenin was the guest of Art Gakstatter; Claudia Keirn was the guest of Sam Whitaker; & Dan Metzger & Ryan Harper were the guests of Scott Whitaker.

Door Greeters:  Andrew Swihart & Chad Zaucha.

Prayer was offered by Doug Ogle. 

Pledge was given to the American Flag.  Promise yourself was said in unison.

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Prayer Request:  Kamden TomAngie & Kyle Tom’s son & Art Gakstatter’s Grandson. 

Membership:  Sam Whitaker read Yolanda Hedington’s & Ryan Harper’s applications.  Past Lt. Gov. Ot Schroeder inducted Jeremiah HeiermanTrina HoyJane Wear & Scott Whitaker sponsored Jeremiah, Yolanda & Ryan.

Sheriff of AttendanceBill Landrigan & Harry Gigous were successful in getting Craig Allebach here 3 weeks in a row!  It was also good to seeChris Wiggins.

Luke Becknell presented a check for $224 to Tracy Furnivall for toys forBaker Youth Club kids.  Tracy thanked us for our help with their Christmas party & gifts.

Sheriff Bill Landrigan reported from Charles Neuwirth that only 41Christmas Trees are left at Owens East. Help is needed between 1 & 3 p.m. Saturdays & Sundays to sell the remaining trees.  Customers should pay Owens directly.  Thanks to Charles Neuwirth, Owens is donating $5 to us for every tree they sell! 

Car Show:  Past Pres. John Elliott announced we will have a short planning meeting after our January 4th meeting.

Board Member Andrew Swihart presented a $1000 check to Tracy Furnivall for Baker Youth Club’s Christmas party,

Andy Swihart also presented a $300 check to Claudia Keirn for theArchery in Schools program.

Ron Donkers announced that registration is now open for our Triathlon.

Angie TomJane Greene-WearTammy Keirn, & Trina Hoy are chairing our Santa House.  Jane reported about $100 was donated last weekend. Octagon is helping as elves.  Past Lt. Gov. Denny Andrews & Past Gov.Ron Donkers gave kudos to Jerry Clevenger & Past Lt. Gov. Ot Schroederfor the fine young people in our Octagon Club.

Bart Templeton is looking for greeters.

Please pray for our Troops and Families:  

1st Lt Scott Shaffer – Army Nat Guard – Chaplain   

Sergeants-at-Arms:  Luke Becknell & Bob Jackson entertained us.  IU fans paid.  Pres. John Sullivan reported that the Kalamazoo Optimists were aware of our Triathlon.  Thanks to Phil Eherenman & Ron DonkersOt Schroeder reported our lack of a Christmas tree “re-winder.”  Sam Whitaker & Lyle Enyeart got a glimpse of themselves at their current ages.  Merl Heckaman has been inducted into the Kosciusko County Basketball Hall of Fame for years of excellent eyesight on the court.  Merlperceptively noted the lack of 3 wise men in Washington.  Don Reinholtwore Ron Donkers badge.  The badges are all the same color.  Chad Zaucha is glad the YMCA is buying land for a new location.  Our insurance agents offered workman’s comp. coverage to Dr. Charles Hollar& Dr. Steve Hollar.  We do not think they need it.

50/50:  Dr. Sandy Engelberth won $34.

Pres. John Sullivan recognized Program Chairman Rick Kerlin’s hard work & organization.

Program:  Steve Miller, CEO of Kosciusko Community Hospitalbrought us up to date on our Nationally Ranked Top 100 Hospital. 

KCH strives for 5 pillars of excellence:  growth, quality / safety, people, service, & finance. 

A few of the many accomplishments at KCH are the only MRI of it’s kind in northeast Indiana & the highest emergency room save rate in the state for chest pain in 2009.