Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Upcoming Events:


8/8 Fri. Indiana North District Golf Outing

8/8 & 9 Fri. & Sat. Indiana North District Convention at Warsaw

8/13 Wed. Lake City Bank / David Findlay

8/13 Wed. Boys Cross Country

8/20 Wed. Boys Tennis


9/3 Wed. Girls Soccer

9/10 Wed. Girls Golf

9/10 Wed. WCHS Athletics / Dave Anson

9/17 Wed. Crystal Heckaman / Rachel’s Challenge – Friends of Rachel


10/1 Wed. Wagon Wheel / Rachel Mondragon


President Everett Nifong led our meeting.

92 Optimists & 7+ guests:

  • Camille Kerlin-Guest of Rick Kerlin.
  • Dave Taylor-Guest of Kellie Malcolm.
  • Randy Polston-Guest of Trina Hoy.
  • Christon Clark & Nikki Kauffman-Guests of Kelsi Griffith.
  • Janelle Meyer-Guest of Jim Kessler.
  • Elizabeth Mckinley-Guest of Don Ronkers.
  • Warsaw Boys Soccer Team and Coaching staff came to visit this morning!

Door Greeter: Bart Templeton.

Prayer: Jenny Lucht.

Pledge was given to the American flag.

Promise yourself was said in unison.

Hail to Optimism was sung in unison.

Birthday Honorees: Ed Norstrom, John Elliot, Kevin Marose, Dr. Steven Hollar, & Jim Reeve. Dr. Charlie Hollar stood to represent his son for his birthday, since he was responsible for Steve’s birth.


Membership Chair, Kellie Malcome conducted:

2nd Reading:

  • Randy Polston-Guest of Trina Hoy.

3rd Reading:

  • Dave Taylor-Guest of Kellie Malcolm.

Induction by Tracy Furnivall:

  • Chris Gabryluk-Sponsored by Art Gakstatter. Welcome to the club Chris!

Committee Reports:

Triathlon update, $11,800 raised. Great job everyone! Mark your calendars for the last Saturday in June next year for this event. There may be an addition to the race next year including kayaking….stay tuned for more information to come!


  • 34th Annual Championship Big Wheel Race was held on Friday, August 1st. David Meier updated the group and said they had 65 riders this year. Check out the video that Stacey Page posted about the event. (
  • The District Convention is going to be held this weekend. John Sullivan is looking for a few more volunteers to help out with hosting the Hospitality Room for the event. Please get in touch with him if you are interested.
  • The 2014-2015 Optimist Directory will underway soon. New pictures will be taken Aug. 6th-Sept 3rd. Ads are due by September 10th. Update Member Information deadline is Sept. 17th. Committee & Project info due by Sept. 17th. Please see Dr. Jason Rich and Jim Hayes for more information.
  • Our Optimist Singers will start up again next week!
  • Optimist Club Visitation with the Warsaw Noon Optimist Club has been rescheduled to the second week in September. Ron Chambers will update us with more information prior to the meeting.


Janelle Meyer representing CASA received a check in the amount of $500 from George Brennan of our club to support the programs ongoing efforts. Janelle firmly believes in the CASA program and encouraged us to learn more!

Camille Kerlin received a check in the amount of $250 from her father, Rick Kerlin of our club to support her Raquets for Riley Tennis Fundraiser this year. Camille had d20 participants and was able to raise $12,000 at this event through local sponsorship and support. Sounds like she is a Future Optimist Fundraiser in the making!!! Well done Camille!

Sergeants-at-Arms: Trace Hensen entertained us:

  • $1 Charge-
    • Charlie Hollar was charged a $1.
    • Jerry Titus for winning the 50/50 twice already.
    • Tracy Furnivall for speeding on Argon Road behind Trace Hensen.
    • Dr. Jason Rich in honor of National Eye Exam Month, asking everyone to see him and get their eyes examined.
    • Jerry Clevenger, Dr. David Haines, & Charlie Hollar in honor of National Golf Month.
    • Jim Bricker for his backside photo in the paper.
    • Nick King for Rachel Mondragon mentioning him in an article.
    • Trace stumped everyone at a table by asking who the inventor of the World Wide Web on August first was? Tim Berners-Lee is the answer!
  • Happy $1-
    • Marty Becker announced that the Optimist Singers will be back next week
    • Akash Jain announced he broke 100 and his daughter hit 82 (golfing).
    • Laurie Schotz announced the upcoming Patsy Kline event this Sunday at 3pm. Cost is $20 and it is going to be a great time! Make sure you attend the event and help support our club member!
    • Jenny Lucht announced that the Water Ski Club will be hosting the National Championship this past weekend!
    • Kellie Malcom asked for prayers for her brother and sister-in-law who are in Africa helping with Habitat for Humanity right now.
    • Jim Kessler bragged on Dr. Charlie Hollar for sinking a 65 foot put….Charlie said it was the longest “drive” he had all day!
    • Trina Hoy wanted to thank everyone who volunteered and participated in the Big Ride event last Saturday. She said it was a great time and they raised over $7,000.
    • Jenna Secrist was pleased to inform us that her daughter, Mckenzy, passed algebra and overcame her battle with dyslexia due to the extra efforts of her teacher!
    • Jim Walmer spoke highly of the CASA program.
    • John Teevan asked for continued prayers as his wife, Jane. Her cancer has been removed and fortunately they found it early.

50/50: Jerry Titus was today’s winner again….is thing rigged?!?!


Our very own, Nick King, manager of Warsaw Municipal Airport presented this morning. He announced the upcoming airshow on August 15th and 16th. They are anticipating 6,000+ vehicles this year. It is $5 donation parking park and the money will go towards the fuel bill for the aircrafts. The mission for Nick is to ignite passion in the next generation for aviation!

For more information contact:


Warsaw Municipal Airport

Nick King

3000 Airport Drive

Warsaw, IN 46582

(574) 372-9541