Wednesday, August 5, 2009

61 Optimists and 3 Guests attended: Mary
Ann Gradeless was the guest of Mary Ellen
Gradeless (Mary Ellen’s mother); Fred Watkins
was the guest of John Sullivan (took an
application); Greg Ummel was the guest of
Bill Landrigan (his second time). Greeters
were Merl Heckaman and Don Reinholt.
Prayer was offered by John Kirkpatrick.
Pledge was given to the American Flag. Optimist
Creed was said by all. Birthdays celebrated
today were: Doug Ogle, Ed Nordstrom,
Charles Neuwirth, Craig Allback, and Nancy
Prayer List Please remember to pray for
Daniel Elliott son of John Elliot. John gave
an update on Daniel’s status with cancer.
He is having tests to determine how far the
cancer has spread.
Big Wheel Race Dave Meier reported that set
up is at 9:00 am this Saturday and the race begins
at 10:30.
Baker Youth Golf Outing is August 22nd.
Optimist Board Meeting is Monday, August
Update Optimist Directory Give revisions to
Jason Rich and for pictures see Trina Hoy next
Hootenanny This week’s questions were:
What is the food holiday today? Answer:
Waffles. What national hero’s birthday is today?
Answer. Neil Armstrong.
Sergeant of Arms Ron Donkers and Bonnie
Bradley managed to collect fines. Law enforcement
had to pay for not arresting the bikini
bandit. Grace College was applauded for
being selected the Best Midwest College.
John Teevan paid a “happy dollar” for the
wedding of a young man who had turned his
life around.
John Elliott introduced Lt. Bruno Riboni a native
of France who came to the USA and became
a citizen a week after 9/11. A year later
he joined the military and served in Iraq. He
was there with the Seabees who were sent to
help rebuild Iraq. He was part of 1500 troops
who put in 60,000 work days of construction.
They used 950 convoys. Moved 37,000 yards
of gravel. Built two pontoon bridges and maintained
twelve. There were no casualties. Lt.
Riboni was in charge of the supplies which
was the equivalent of managing four big sized
Home Depots. Things we may not know: The
Iraqis are doing the job and doing it well.
They are battling terrorists and thugs for the
right of their country.
Saddam Hussein’s regime buried weapons and
aircraft all over the deserts. Troops are still
finding the stashes.