Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Upcoming Events:


4/29-Mayor Thallemer & Softball-Coach Jim Speicher 


5/6-WCHS Soccer Camp/Ryan Burgher

5/13-WCHS Band

5/20-Memorial Day Singers

5/27-WCS Superintendent/David Hoffert 


President Rick Kerlin led our meeting. 

102 Optimists & guests: 

  • Travis McConnell-guest of Trina Hoy.
  • Don Parker and Bill Cook-Noon Optimists.
  • Carla Carlton-guest of Lyle Enyeart.
  • Warsaw Girls Tennis Team and Coach Rick Orban. 

Door Greeters: Greg Kralis & Jim Kessler. 

Prayer:  Ken Anderson. 

Pledge was given to the American flag.   

Promise yourself was said in unison. 

Hail to Optimism was sung in unison. 

Birthday Honorees:  Frank Grose.  Happy Birthday!  Rumors might be started…

Check Presentation:  Mitch Reinholt presented a $700.00 check for Junior Achievement this morning. 


Jennifer Pyle conducted:

  • 2nd Reading
    • Carla Carlton-sponsored by Lyle Enyeart. 

Committee Reports:

  • Everett Nifong announced the new leadership team:
    • President:
      • Tony Ciriello
    • Vice President:
      • Trina Hoy
    • 4 Board Members:
      • Mitch Goon
      • Jennifer Pyle
      • Pam Galloway
      • Art Gakstatter

Congratulations to everyone!

  • 6th Annual Car Show will be in May 17th. They are looking for door prizes to give away.
  • Golf Outing will be June 18th @ Stonehenge.
  • Triathlon will be held June 27th. 


  • Noon Optimist Club is having a Chicken Sale: Nelson’s BBQ Chicken sale is Saturday, May 9th at East Center Street Owen’s from 10am-2pm and the cost is $6.50/half!
  • District Meeting will be April 24 & 25 in Marion. See Michele Bickel to register.
  • Ot Schroeder will be conducting a New Member Orientation on Thursday, April 30th at 7am over at Martin’s upstairs.
  • Invoices will be arriving soon, please watch your inbox.
  • Please add to your safe sender email list!
  • Are you on Facebook, be sure you go to our page ( and “Like Us.” 

50/50:  Eric Lane was the winner of the $88 pot this morning! 

Videos:  The two videos for the Optimist International contest were shown this morning.  One was a 3 minute video highlighting the Oratorical Contest and the other was a 30 Second video showing how Optimists brings out the best in you, your club and your community.  Great job by the Video Committee: Trina Hoy, Larry Bishop, Mitch Reinholt, Jennifer Pyle, Brooke Hamstra, Zach Webb and Angela Hopper.  They couldn’t have completed the task without the help of Zachary Webb who filmed and edited the videos and his teacher Angela Hopper, who encouraged and supported him on this project.  Great job everyone, way to participate in this new challenge!  

CEO Report:

None this week.  However, Jenna Secrist announced her upcoming move to Roswell, New Mexico and wished everyone farewell.  She thanked many members for supporting and encouraging her over the years!  She is looking forward to this next chapter in her life.  All the best and good luck Jenna, you will be missed! 

Sergeants-at-Arms:  Jeff, Bob and Steve entertained us: 

  • $1 Charge:
    • Rick Kerlin because he had to “hussle” over to the Warsaw tennis team to pay his dollar.
    • Mitch Reinholt could make it as a county sheriff if the optometrist gig doesn’t work out since he and Aaron Rovenstine were dressed similarly.
    • Trina Hoy for advertising within 50 feet of the building.
    • Jim Walmer played tennis in high school and said that the server would be from the “Ad Court.”
    • Denny Andrews for speaking out of turn.
    • Denny Andrews came back and said for speaking out of turn and corrected Steve Hollar on the tennis servers position.
    • Ot Schroeder for neglecting to mention his New Member Orientation at CafeMod will be close to Aqua Systems.
    • Jim Kessler badge #6 was asked who the 5 people ahead of him are:
      • Charlie Hollar, Doc Haines, John Elliot, Jerry Titus & Jim Walmer.
    • 5 Questions:
      • Brenda Bricker (Administrative Professionals Day)
        • Who? Edward Jones.
        • How long? 3 years.
        • Best part of the job? Being promoted.
        • Worst part of the job? Drive to Wabash.
        • If you were boss for the day, what would you change? She doesn’t want to be the boss.
        • Eric Lane for winning the 50/50.
      • $Optimistic $1:
        • Eric Lane for all of the support they have received at Fellowship Missions from our club.
        • Juergen Voss is running for City Council and reminded everyone for the Meet the Candidates meeting hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. 


Liz McKinley from the Warsaw Parks Department presented this morning.  She discussed four new classes that will be available.  And she highlighted the kids Triathlon clinic with a video, which will be one of the new classes offered.  Great job Liz! 


  • Invite a Guest.
  • Clean up tables.
  • Next Week’s Program: Mayor Joe Thallmer.
  • Quote: “Optimist: someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s a cha-cha.” –Robert Brault. 

Have a very Optimist Week!