Wednesday April 19, 2017

Wednesday April 19, 2017

April 19, 2017

Attendance: 105

Invocation: Jo Faulkner

Greeters: Adam Reed and Jason Gergely

Guests: Violet Wonderly (Katie Wonderly), Rachel Polston (Randy Polston), Trish Smith (Jim Smith), Bill Cook (Noon Optimist Club), Don Parker (Noon Optimist Club), Carol Ousley (Jeff Owens), Don and Rosemary Laughlin (Trina Hoy)

Birthdays: Jeanine Corson and Adam Turner

Check Presentation: None


Brooke Hamstra conducted:

1st Reading:

2nd Reading: Kody Carpenter (Joey Hickerson)

3rd Reading: Mike Doub (Everett Nifong)

Rick Kerlin conducted:

Induction: Michelle Stavrou (Erica Elliott), David Grant (Erica Elliott) and Helen Berry (Travis McConnell)

Program:  Gary Gerard – Editor-in-Chief, Times-Union Newspaper

Committee Reports/Announcements:

  • Noon Optimist Club – Flower Sale going on now
  • Elections coming up April 26th
  • Car Show still in need of sponsorships

CEO Report: None

50/50: John Sullivan wins!!

Sergeants-at-arms: Travis McConnell, Jim Smith and Juergen Voss entertained us!


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Thank you and have an Optimist week!