Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Attendance: 94

Greeters: Paula Deming, Kris Shipley

Invocation:  Joey Hickerson

Guests (Hosts): Pastor Layne Sumner (Larry Bishop), Heather Smith (Doug Baumgardner), Zach Smith (Jim Smith), Janelle Deatsman (Maple Leaf Farms), Alan Alderfer (Riley Kids Fund)


3rd Reading: Heather Smith (Sponsored by Doug Baumgardner)

Birthdays: Sarah Masterson, Don Kenipe, Jim Bricker, Brent Mock

Induction: Conducted by Past President, Joel Wihebrink and other past Presidents in attendance – Bill Lawrence (Sponsored by Rob Edling)

Welcome to our newest member Bill Lawrence inducted into the Club by past presidents

Check Presentations: President Steve Hollar presented a check for $1000 to Riley Kids Fund. Accepting on behalf of the fund was Alan Alderfer. All money will be used to help families within Kosciusko County who have children being treated by Rileys Children’s Hospital.

Alan Alderfer accepts a check for Riley Kids Fund presented by Pres. Steve Hollar


Club visitation to the Rochester club is on Monday, April 16th. Anyone interested in going should meet at the Marsh parking lot for a 6 a.m. departure.

Golf Outing: Everett Nifong announced that electronic brochures were sent out this week for the golf outing to take place June 14th. Paper copies are available during meetings. There will be a committee meeting after the club meeting in 2 weeks.

Car Show: Dr. Jenny Lucht displayed sample trophies that will be awarded during the Car Show on May 20th. There are still opportunities available to volunteer or to sponsor a trophy. Please contact Jenny or Alan Lucht if you have any questions, would like to volunteer, or are interested in being a sponsor.

Jennifer Dorman announced the Optimist District Meeting will be April 28th at IVY Tech in Fort Wayne. Members interested in attending should contact Michele Bickel.

50/50: $122 with $61 to the winner Mike Doub

Sergeants at Arms: Gina Voelz, Sam Whitaker, Jeff Owens – Sergeant Sam Whitaker quizzed members with Duck riddles in honor of our program about Maple Leaf Farms. And, to promote upcoming club events, Jeff Owens tested members on their knowledge of dates for the Car Show, Triathlon, and other events.

Janelle Deatsman, Communication Manager for Maple Leaf Farms

Program: Leesburg – The Duck Captial of the World by Janelle Deatsman

  • Founded in 1958 by Donal Wentzel
  • 280,000 ducks produced the first year
  • 1976 – Serenade Foods started for production and marketing of fully cooked duck products
  • 1981 – Became #1 Duck producer in North America
  • 1984 – Formed Down Inc. to make feather and down products
  • In the 1990s – Constructed Biosecure hatchery to protect the animals from disease
  • 2004 – MLF Biotech Division started to market probiotics to farmers and pet owners
  • 2007 – International Division formed
  • 2010 – Initiated joint venture in China
  • 2011 – Established new world headquarters in renovated former Leesburg Elementary School building
  • Currently, Maple Leaf has a workforce of 1,000+, has various locations in the US, Eastern Europe, and China, and works with 150+ farm families

Next Week’s Program: Go Cubs Go by Joe Hart