Warsaw Morning Optimist, Wednesday, June 3, 2019

Greeters – Bill Katip & Ivan Schuler

Attendance – 76

Presiding – Rob Bishop

Guests – Luis Gonzalez, Nichole Royadred, Eduardo Cardoso, Alan Tio, Paul Snyder, Aaron Black.

Induction for Aaron Black, Roxanne Coffelt &
Chris Plack

Membership – Luis, Gonzalez, first reading, Induction for Aaron Black, Roxanne Coffelt, Chris Plack

Birthdays – Glenn Hall, Steve Albertson, Brenda Bricker, Angie Tom, David Haines

Car Show Report – Alan and Jennifer Lucht:143 entries, great turnout, beautiful day! Brent Mock will help to lead the Car Show for next year.

Meeting Place – July 10, next week, meeting at Grace College

Sergeants – Fined various members trumped up charges, also a few happy dollars for personal celebrations, a few members went to the Fairgrounds instead of Grace College today, they were charged $1.00 fine.

Marlene Betances, CEO, EnPak,
Warsaw, Indiana

Program – Travis O’Connell, Marlene Betances, CEO EnPak – EnPak specializes in packaging and labeling services, label development, inventory warehousing and management, scrap disposal, instrument and implant kitting, and project management

Marlene outlined how she remains optimistic.Focus on Purpose; Faith; Gratitude; One Step at a Time; Learn & Grow; Have Fun! All of the items listed above make up the foundation of how Marlene remains optimistic.