Warsaw Morning Optimist, June 12, 2019

Greeters – Mitch Goon, Andy Swihart

Attendance – 85

Guests – Reggie Smiley, Matt Goebel, Ben Keller, Dawn Fenby

Invocation – Joey Hickerson

Membership – These prospective members all had “readings” today: Brad Volez, Roxanne Coffelt, Aaron Black, Ryan Fischer

Bruce Hansen, Dr. Charles Hollar,
Camden Tom, James Nesbit

Birthdays – Dr. Charles Hollar, Bruce Hansen, James Nesbitt, Camden Tom

Committees –

  • Tri – Need help with set up and transition, clean up after the race, help with the run portion on the race, one more person on security
  • Car Show – June 30
  • Fair Weeks meetings – July 3 and July 10 meet at Grace College, Alpha Hall

50/50 – $48.00, won by Charlie Hollar

Sergeants – The mystery of the day is, “Who broke the badge box?”, also various members were charged a dollar for trumped up charges. There was a quiz over various sports created by the YMCA. Also a group of members “looking” like the Village People, sort of sang a rendition of “YMCA”.

Matt Goebel

Program – YMCA, Matt Goebel Christian Emphasis Director, (Chaplin) for the Warsaw YMCA. The Christian roots of the YMCA. Organized in London, England. Came to the USA in , It was a positive place for men to hang out. The other options were the bars and brothels. The Warsaw YMCA was dedicated in 1965. 2014 the new Warsaw YMCA was opened. Currently there are 210 children attending Camp Little Eagle this summer. The largests not-for-profit in Kosciusko County. Five thousand eight hundred families belong to the Warsaw YMCA.

During the school year the YMCA is in charge of caring for 600 children before and after school called “Kid’s Club”.