Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, September 6, 2023

Robert Lee and Suzanne Caudill presented our program today from Caudill’s ATA Martial Arts

Presiding – Chris Plack

Attendance – 73

Greeters – Kyrie Mairerle & Jim Brennan

Invocation – Jim Kessler

Sherri Benyouski demonstrated how to bind up a corn shock.


  • Beginning October 4, 2023 the club will be meeting at the Kosciusko County Fairgrounds rather than the YMCA as previously announced
  • Golf Outing – September 12, 2023, pray for good weather
  • Fall Displays – we will be looking toward Monday, September 18, to bind up the corn stalks. Plan to bring a knife next week to help in cutting the twine to bind the corn stalks
  • September 26, 2023 Big Brothers and Big Sisters are sponsoring
Happy Birthday to Mike Hall, Rich Haddad, Joel Wihebrink, & Everett Nifong

Birthdays – Happy Birthday to

50-50 – $42 to Mark Marley

Sergeants – Mike Hall was vouluntered to be the Sergeants Intern.

Program – Robert Lee & Suzanne Caudill from Caudill’s ATA Martial Arts, presented our program from Caudill’s ATA Martial Arts. The program has classes for ages 5 and up. Specialize in the art of Taekwondo (translates as “the way of the foot and the fist”). Areas of training: Forms, Weapon Forms, Sparring, Combat Weapons Sparring. Weapons include nunchucks, short stick, medium & long range staff, sword, cane and kama. Self defense applications are taught in class, they are not a primary focus. We offer a separate Krav Maga class for those that want to further their street level awareness and fighting skill. The instructors have decades of experience training & teaching martial arts of several styles, including Aikido and Judo.