Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, September 25, 2019

Greeters, Alan Lucht &
Jody Claypool

Rob Bishop – Presiding 

Greeters – Alan Lucht & Jody Claypool

Attendance – 70

Guests – Jennifer Naue , Suzanne Stokes, Jim Swanson

Birthdays – Bob Jackson, Tony Ciriello, James Lancaster, Gina Voelz, Carol Pressley

Committee Reports –

     *Visitation – Next visitation @ Rochester Morning Optimist 

     *Art in the Park October 5 – 10 am-1 pm @ Center Lake Park

     *Fall Displays – 172 displays have been sold, delivered almost 100 last weekend, will complete deliveries this weekend.

Sergeants – Many happy dollars were given for personal celebrations

Program – Suzanne Stokes, KC Recycling Education Coordinator. Suzanne coordinates with county educators to help inform our children about the need for taking care of our earth and recycling.


Suzanne Stokes,
KC Recycling,
Education Coordinator