Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, September 16, 2020

Warsaw Community High School Dance,, Orchestra, Choir and Band teachers presented today.
Matt Guy was inducted.
Happy Birthday to Pam Galloway.

Presiding – Pam Galloway

Greeter – Travis McConnell

Invocation – Chris Plack

Guests – Aaron Klein, Grace Robison, Matt Ulrey

Attendance – 53 in person, 15 via Zoom

Moment of silence for 9/11 victims – Moment of silence for the victims of 9/11

Program – Warsaw Community High School (WCHS)  Music Program, The various members of the WCHS Music Department presented the programs offered at WCHS.  These programs include Dance, Choir, Orchestra, Band

50/50 – $21.00 to Matt Guy

Induction – Matt Guy, sponsored by Ron Donkers

Announcements – Fall Displays, need help with organizing Pumpkins and Gourds for Friday afternoon @ 4 pm at the Goat Barn.  Also need assistance with deliveries and trucks/trailers on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Golf outing was a success, money raised and lots of fun had by all.  Thank yous were given to those that assisted with the event.

Birthdays – Pam Galloway, Chris Wiggins

Sergeants – Happy dollars and fines were given and extracted.

Program Next Week – Art Program, Dana MCCammon

Optimistic quote – “If you can’t give children optimism, then what are you doing?” ~ Matt Haig