Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, October 23, 2019

Bart Curtis,
WCHS Football Coach
Induction of Karin McGrath by David Haines with Sponsor Sam Whitaker
Happy Birthday to Jim Walmer, Song Leader Martin Becker
Program, Matt Teevan, Seymour Midwest

Pam Galloway – Presiding

Greeter – John Teevan

Attendance – 75

Guests – Jim Jarrette

WCHS Football Team – Coach Curtis and members of the WCHS Football team visited, seniors members were introduced.

Membership – Carmen Flores, 1st reading. 

    *Induction – Karin McGrath, David Haines conducted the induction of Karin.

Sergeant – Luke Becknell harassed various club members.  

Committees – 

    *Spooktackular – Help needed for this Friday night, especially for set up and clean up.  See Art Gakkstatter. 

Birthday – Jim Walmer

Program – Matt Teevan presented the history and mission of Seymour Midwest. One hundred and eighty-five employees over three locations.

The core product lines include:  Long handled tools, coating tools, wheelbarrows, replacement handles, firestarter, striking tools.  Seymour West provides specific tools for those that use tools in their everyday jobs.  

Seymour Midwest, “solves problems that occur in the Market”,  by providing tools to apply products such as floor coatings.