Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, November 20, 2019

Today’s Program
Dawn Hillyer, HidingHilda
David Robertson, Warsaw Community Schools, $1000, Back to the Days

Pam Galloway Presiding

Greeter – Glenn Hall & Brittany Lyon

Invocation – Bill Landrigan

Attendance – 100

Guests – Kyle Tom, Kevin Stone, Cameron Tom, Drew Yeager, Noah Tillman, Bill Cook, Rachel Berelsman, Tes Berelsman, Zoe Bergan, Claire  Walker, Sam Reynolds, Agustin Hildago, Delaney Taylor, Cameron Flores, Kendra Love, Izzy Hamill

50-50 – Winner Rick Kerlin $49.00

Program – Dawn Hillyer, HidingHilda, Concealed carry.  “Hillyer’s horror began in October 2006 when she became the target of a ruthless stalker. In March 2012, her pursuer was finally convicted of two felony counts of stalking and sentenced to 10 years in prison. For over five years, she was filled with uncertainty and fear, living in seclusion; hiding from her tormentor. After finally deciding that she was not going to live that way, Hillyer took charge of her own safety. She took classes, got her concealed-carry permit and purchased “Hilda,” her Glock 380.” 

“HidingHilda offers women stylish accessories designed to safely conceal a weapon, along with other self-defense items. Hillyer is also in the process of coming out with her own line of handbags which will be manufactured in Fort Wayne. No matter what the reason for starting a business, it is reassuring to know that there are people like Dawn Hillyer who have the wherewithal to turn a devastating event into a business and then use a portion of its proceeds to help others.” Source, https://hidinghilda.com.

Check Presentation – $1000.00 to WCS Back to the Days event. David Robertson.

Membership – Kevin Stone, 2nd reading

Induction – Carmen Flores, sponsor Michele Bickel.

Birthdays – Michael Gavin, John Sullivan, Chris Plack, Delaney Taylor.

Committee Report

     *Hoops for Hope, Approximately $2,500 was raised through the event.  The money goes toward gas cards for those that are struggling with cancer.

     *Bell Ringing, still need seven members to sign up for Bell Ringing at the South Door of Wal Mart. 

Sergeants – Various members were fined for trumped up charges.  Happy dollars were given by members to celebrate personal accomplishments.

Birthdays, John Sullivan & Delaney Taylor
Carmen Flores, Membership Induction