Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, May 19, 2021

Marlene Betances, ToDos Juntos was our speaker today, the club also made a $500 donation to ToDos Juntos
Everett Nifong answered five questions for the Sergeants
Happy Birthday to Shannon Jenks, Layne Sumner and Ron Donkers
Check Presentation – WCHS Tennis Camp – Stacy Lind $500

Presiding – Mitch Goon

Attendance – 72 in person and Zoom

Invocation – Bill Landrigran
Greeter – Jim Smith
Guests – Stacy Lind, Herb Duncan (Daren Maierle) Patrick Olson (Rick Kerlin) David Lee (Dav

  • City of Lakes Car Show – RECAP – Brent Mock
  • Triathlon – June 26th – Paula Deming
  • Triathlon T-Shirts – Adam Heckaman adam@splendorboats.com
  • Golf Committee – Todd Davis
  • Warsaw’s First Friday, June 4th, during the veterans recognition program, we are looking for pairs of people (parent/child, grand parents/grand child (8 yrs & over) to paint the backdrop for a huge 26×11 mural. No talent required, as long as you can use a roller inside the lines. You must register with Paula Bowman to participate. See below. There will be a dress rehearsal the week before and you will need to be at the event at 6pm for final instructions. Painters will work from 6:30 – 7:30 pm, while the lakes area band performs. Please give Paula Bowman a text or call at 574-376-0233 if interested. 15 pairs are needed. Thank you!
  • Check Presentation – WCHS Tennis Camp – Stacy Lind $500
  • Pay 1st & 2nd quarter dues – mail to: PO Box 344, Warsaw, IN 46581 or see Austin Donovan
  • Veterans – email your Service photo and a current photo to Alan Lucht for our Veteran’s Day program (ajlucht68@yahoo.com or call 574-527-1060 for questions)
  • A memorial will be held for Millie Andrews Sunday, May 23, @ 3:00 pm. Doors open @ 2:00 pm for calling and visiting. This will be held @ Fellowship Baptist Church, 1838 East Kosciusko Dr. Pastor Layne Sumner will conduct the service while Titus Funeral Home is assisting with the arrangements.

Birthdays – Layne Sumner May, 17, Trace Hansen May 20, Karen Kauffman May 20, Ron Donkers May 21 Shannon Jenks May 21

Membership – 2nd Reading Herb Duncan, Sponsor Daren Maierle; 2nd Reading Patrick Olson, Sponsor Rick Kerlin; 2nd Reading David Lee, Sponsor David Haines.

50/50 – $33.50 to George Brennan

Sergeants at Arms – Bob Jackson and Chris Plack extracted $1.00 from various Optimist members.

Check Presentation – ToDos Juntos – Marlene Betances $500

Program – ToDos Juntos – Marlene Betances, Todos Juntos’ mission is to develop the partnerships necessary that lead to the creation or enhancement of local resources and services to all youth and families.

Todos Juntos partners with schools, local law enforcement, county agencies, and others to enhance local resources and services for youth and families. These services are available in English and/or Spanish through evidence-based, community-supported activities provided at K-12 schools.  Todos Juntos delivers a range of challenging, age-appropriate programs in a safe, structured, and positive environment.

Next Week’s Program – The Optimist Singers Memorial Day Program

Positive Message – “Everything’s gonna be alright.” Bob Marley